YouTube Music status bar icon now matches the actual icon

YouTube Music has picked up a number of new features in recent weeks to attract Play Music users. A small tweak to the Android app updates the status bar icon to match the app logo.

For some time now, the YouTube Music logo in Android notifications and status bar has differed from the home screen icon: the YouTube play symbol is surrounded by a thick ring to evoke a CD and / or vinyl record.

The actual icon of the service – as seen on the PWA and the favicon – is a circle with a triangular cutout surrounded by the ring.

YouTube Music 3.69 updates the status bar icon to canonical version. It’s also present in the upper left corner of media controls and on the Pixel’s lock screen / always-on display.

The old icon was simpler and easily attributed to YouTube Music, while the new one is denser and busier. There are more details, but it’s hard to really notice at a glance given the size. The empty space between the inner circle and the outer ring is barely visible.

Version 3.69 – which reveals work on an audiobook / show label – of YouTube Music for Android is now widely available. Google also today completed the rollout of the revamped Now Playing UI for users stuck with last month’s old design.

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