WWE Day 1: What to Expect

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said: “The only constant in life is change”. This is true even for WWE’s bountiful annual pay-per-view program. Instead of another installment of his TLC: Tables, ladders and chairs series, WWE is launching a new event, Day 1 January 1st. The event will be broadcast from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

The matches on the map are, for the most part, those with important foundations for current WWE storylines. At the end of 2021, WWE looked to get back to basics with championship-focused storylines featuring some of its most popular superstars. Day 1 is the outcome of these stories. If this is to be WWE’s modus operandi going forward, which the cycle of fall and winter stories will lead to and end in a pay-per-view event to kick off the New Year, this isn’t is not at all a bad working model. During the inaugural event, titanic clashes are planned, including:

Big E Vs. Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley for WWE Championship:

Big E’s first run with the WWE Championship was praised by both fans and the pro wrestling industry: In Big E, WWE had a believable and beloved babyface champion. With his great personality, one could easily have imagined E taking a Jean Cena-esque role, embodying tenacity and charisma in the face of challenges. Big E’s eccentricity and eccentricity was largely toned down, however, and it was quickly eclipsed by its challengers, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley. Timing was a factor: Rollins was coming out of an electrifying Friday night SmackDown series against Edge, and speculation was rife that Owens would soon sign with All the elite struggles (which didn’t materialize), putting more eyes on them than on Big E.

When Bobby Lashley was added to the screenplay, it renewed the memory of Monday evening gross viewers how fun it is to watch Lashley brutalize his opponents. His own WWE Championship run, “The All Mighty Era,” was routine and extravagant violence, which was once the philosophy of Raw. When it was created, Raw was meant to be more grown-up, more spontaneous, and more violent than previous WWE offerings – this is where the “Age of Attitude” was born. How things are going at Day 1 for that fatal quadruple for the WWE Championship depends on whether the company wants to renew its investment in Big E or start from scratch. Lashley’s turn into the pandemic era with the belt was one of the highlights of the ThunderDome residency, and the reliable and violent heel just might be the champion Raw asks for once again.

Conclusion: Lashley will reclaim the WWE Championship, sending Big E on a quest to win it back.

Becky Lynch versus. Liv Morgan for the Raw Women’s Championship:

As “The Man”, Becky lynch transformed her teenage character in the leather jacket and never say die into a level of mainstream exposure perhaps not seen for a female WWE star since Chyna during the 90s and the new millennium. However, Lynch largely escaped the innuendoes that plagued Chyna and set a new bar for professional female wrestlers to be taken seriously as athletes. The wait was high for her return from parental leave after canceling the Raw Women’s Championship at Asuka in 2020.

“The Man”, however, did not come. Instead, to Slam summer 2021 WWE Fans Had “Big Time Becks,” A Grand, Hypocrite, Coward Conor McGregor –heel esque character. It was an interesting choice to overhaul a wrestler’s gadget so drastically when that gadget is a top merchandise seller and fan favorite. Yet Lynch has been the undisputed alpha of the Women’s Division since her return, winning first the SmackDown Women’s Title and then Raw, which she now defends on Day 1 against. Liv Morgan. Morgan is a lifelong underdog: rarely featured on television or invested in the creative powers of WWE, she is also the only remaining member of the Riot squad to escape the notorious outings of WWE. However, she has long been seen as full of potential and has a die-hard fan following her on social media. Morgan has had some of the best moments of her career so far in her current feud with Lynch, but will she claim the Raw title?

The “Red Mark” female highest honor is synonymous with Lynch and her meteoric, meteoric rise to stardom, and WWE could still stake it all on “Big Time Becks” to keep it up to date. Bayley and Roman reigns, which only became more popular when they turned their backs.

Conclusion: Lynch to retain Raw Women’s Championship; WWE still has its money on Big Time Becks.

Brock Lesnar versus. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship:

Day 1The main event is the culmination of one of WWE’s most elaborate storylines. the Brock Lesnar arch of Roman reigns The “Tribal Chief” saga has been nicely nuanced. After winning the belt in a triple threat against the dreaded characters of Bray wyatt and Braun Strowman, crush challengers like Kevin Owens, Edge and Bryan Danielson, and get the best of Jean Cena at Slam summer, Reigns could have become predictably, tediously invincible. Enter, “The Beast Incarnate”: The longest reigning Universal Champion on record at over 507 days, the man who beat the Funeral directors WrestlingMania streak, the steel juggernaut who left his indelible mark on professional wrestling and MMA, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s presence from Slam summerThe last few minutes changed the tale between Reigns and his special advocate, Paul Heyman, question his loyalty.

Lesnar is the only WWE player who can be a convincing threat to Reigns. The seed for this stage of history was sown long before Lesnar returned, with the start of Reigns’ heel turn. As cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso First receding from Reign’s new ruthless assault, Reigns has repeatedly professed the need to keep his importance and honor their family. Insecurity, bordering on paranoia, is his Achilles heel. Lesnar is the ghost he fought from the start when he walked through Wyatt, Strowman, Edge, Danielson, Owens, Finn balor and Rey Mysterio. In the fabric of his character’s dominance is the fear that someone will take away what is his.

This fear could come true at Day 1. It wouldn’t be the first time Lesnar has held a WWE title despite being a part-time artist, and losing the Universal Championship could kick Reigns off the ground. He silenced his detractors and reached new heights as a heel: Day 1 could start Roman Reigns second chance to play the hero.

Conclusion: Even if he clings to the WWE Universal Championship, Reigns’ encounter with Lesnar will most likely be a game-changer for his character. A troubled “tribal leader” who looses or barely hangs on his belt can become SmackDown’s first babyface.

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