What happens to James Reece after the terminal list

James Reece’s story continues long after The Terminal List season 1 in the pages of Jack Carr’s sequel novels featuring the titular character.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for The list of terminals season 1

The list of terminals Season 1 leaves many questions unanswered for James Reece as he continues his journey through the pages of Jack Carr’s novels. Chris Pratt plays James Reece in the Amazon Prime Video series which also stars Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jai Courtney, Jeanne Tripplehorn and JD Pardo. The list of terminals adapts author Jack Carr’s debut novel in the James Reece saga, The list of terminalswhich currently has four sequel books featuring the protagonist.

Carr originally created his protagonist in the image of Pratt, not knowing that the actor would end up playing James Reece in The list of terminals series. Director Antoine Fuqua and showrunner Dan DiGilio brought the 8-episode first season to life for Prime Video, which covers the events of the book, leaving Reece in a dodgy state at the end. After his SEAL team and family are killed and diagnosed with a brain tumor, Reece embarks on a revenge mission to kill everyone responsible. That leaves him branded as a domestic terrorist, fleeing the country with a suspected terminal illness.


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The list of terminals The season 1 ending finds Reece plotting a route to Mozambique, but no reason for this choice is given and no resolutions are mentioned as to the status of his brain tumor. In Carr’s second novel, true believer, it is revealed that Reece’s friend and former SEAL teammate has family in Mozambique who welcome him upon his arrival, helping to keep him hidden from the US government. Reece is eventually tracked down, however, and recruited by the CIA to help take down an international terrorist, given a deal that pardons his crimes in The list of terminals. It is also revealed that his brain tumor is operable, which he ultimately chose to take care of before continuing his journey as a special agent, constantly battling his sense of duty and loyalty to his country and friends. .

Why James Reece goes to Mozambique in the end of the terminal list

the terminal list chris pratt raife hastings message

A character briefly mentioned in The list of terminals is Raife Hastings, who provides Reece with a boat, weapons, and supplies for his infiltration of Secretary Hartley’s Island at The list of terminals season 1 finale. Raife leaves a note that says, “It makes us even. If you make it, you know where to go.” After completing his mission, Reece is seen on the sailboat plotting a route to Mozambique, where book fans will know the whereabouts of Raife Hastings’ family. In true believerReece sails to Mozambique and hides with the Hastings family, who run a game reserve there, keeping him well-hidden and off the grid, until he encounters poachers and makes waves that ripple through the United States, triggering awareness by the CIA.

How James Reece survives his tumor

the terminal list brain tumor chris pratt

At the end of The list of terminals season 1, Reece leaves without mentioning what will happen with his tumor caused by RD4895, but in The list of terminals book, the last chapter gives a very clear picture as to the state of his tumor. A voicemail on his confiscated mobile phone reveals a call from his doctor that the tumor is operable after reviewing the biopsy, with a survival rate of 75% or more. At the end of true believerReece opts for surgery and recovers in the third book, wild sonwhere he regains full health and resumes his globe-trotting mission to fight the evils of the world.

Glimpse of James Reece’s story in the Terminal List sequel books

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After The list of terminalsReece seeks redemption in True believer-probably the source material for The list of terminals season 2, which sees him come to terms with the losses he’s faced, the actions he’s taken, and the fate of his future. He’s recruited by the CIA to take down a global terrorist, granted a presidential pardon, and set back on the path he knows all too well: killing bad guys. After accomplishing his mission in true believerReece undergoes surgery for a brain tumor and begins his recovery in wild son, which has him in Montana and with the Russian mob hot on his trail. In the fourth book, Devil’s handReece is thrust into a massive terrorist attack on American soil, which leads to him being allowed to hunt down the conspirators, including those who were involved in 9/11, but never brought to justice. In the blood brought Reece face to face with another sniper named Nizar Kattan, who killed one of his former teammates and is hired by the mysterious Talos Group to kill him.

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