West Seattle Blog… | From the file ‘in case you were wondering too’: Here’s why the Hiawatha Community Center won’t be reopening anytime soon

(photo from BMS)

The closing of Hiawatha Community Center has ripple effects this summer – including these two: When wading season begins tomorrow, Hiawatha will not open due to center closure; also Admiral’s Quarter Association cannot resume its summer concert series as Hiawatha is unavailable as a venue. A few readers recently asked us for a report on the condition of the community center, so here’s what we found out from Seattle Parks. They are awaiting approval for a half-million dollar federal grant (via the Federal Emergency Management Agency), according to Parks’ Kelly Goold, who says that this represents about a quarter of the funding for the work to be done in Hiawatha. According to Parks, the rules of the grant prohibited starting work before the funding was received. Goold says they “believe we will have approval shortly.” Then they can put the project in competition. If they don’t get the grant? “We will continue the project but complete less project work.” A little preparation has been done, says Goold – mainly “hazardous material disposal”. Once construction begins, it’s expected to take about nine months — so if all goes well from here, Hiawatha could be ready to reopen next summer. The project as described by Parks will include “electrical repairs, water and sewer line replacements, furnace and water heater repairs, roof replacement, and more.”

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