Weedsport School District Removed From New York Tax Constraints List | Education

After two consecutive years of being listed on the State Comptroller’s Office list of districts facing some level of fiscal stress, Weedsport Central School District no longer has that designation.

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s budget stress monitoring system assesses whether a district is under “significant budget stress”, “moderate budget stress”, is “budget stress sensitive” or has been determined not to be under none of the labels of financial stress. The Jan. 21 press release from the Weedsport District website said the district’s status is “no designation,” according to the Comptroller’s Office’s latest audit.

“This classification is a recognition of the hard work the District Business Office has done during these turbulent fiscal times spurred by the pandemic,” Superintendent Shaun O’Connor said in the news release. “Additionally, credit goes to the Board of Education for demonstrating tax leadership on behalf of taxpayers.”

The comptroller’s monitoring system uses factors such as cash position, operating deficit patterns and year-end fund balance to examine the financial health of school districts, the news release said, districts receiving a score between 1 and 100%. A score between 65 and 100% indicates “significant budget stress”, between 45 and 64.9% indicates “moderate” stress, and “susceptible to budget stress” is assigned when a district reaches 25 to 44.9%, according to the press release. 25% are not on the list. For the fiscal year ending in 2021, Weedsport received a 20% rating from the Comptroller’s Office.

Last year, Weedsport Superintendent Shaun O’Connor and Treasurer Stacie McNabb gave the district’s “moderate” stress label at the time to “a dwindling fund balance” and a lack of cash. “. The district has used a portion of its fund balance to cover shortfalls in recent years to preserve programs and help reduce the annual tax impact on district residents “in lieu of appropriate levels of assistance. of the state,” O’Connor and McNabb told the time.

The district previously said it received the “subject to budget stress” designation in 2020 due to a decrease in the unrestricted fund balance due to the district making a $400,000 payment for the service. debt.

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