puts Rainbow Six Siege Roster in inactive status has announced that it is doing its utmost Rainbow Six Siege list on inactive status. The main reason was that the team performed below expectations, compared to last year.

In an article, the organization revealed that many factors contributed to this poor performance. One of them was the roster switch which didn’t work out as expected. Then there was the effect on team morale when members had positive PCR tests just before the Six Invitational.

The organization hopes to rebuild the squad before the start of the new season in February 2022.

List changes

The list which changes to inactive status is made up of:

Of the five members, Karzheka joined the team in March this year. He joined VP after being part of Snape. During this time, wTg was having strange movements. From active player, he changed roles to coach in May. In June, he returned as an active player.

Six Invitations

For this major tournament, VP managed to enter the competition by placing fifth in the world points ranking. It was later discovered that two members tested positive for COVID-19. For this reason, the team has been forbidden to participate in the tournament. They did not come home empty-handed as they received 1% of the total prize pool, which corresponds to ranking 19th to 20th.

2021 season

After failing to make it to the Six Invitational 2021, the team have not done very well in the new season. His best result was third place in Season 7 of the Russian Major League, a C-level tournament.

He had two chances to make it to the Six Invitational 2022. For Open Qualifier 1, VP lost to HellRaisers 1-7. For Open Qualifier 2, the team was eliminated by DED Inside.

And you? Is this a good decision for VP? Hopefully he finds the correct roster for the next competitive season.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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