blames “Cancel Culture” for ESL omission

Russia-based esports organization blamed the social phenomenon of “cancel culture” for their disqualification from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESL Pro League, BLAST Premier events and Dota 2 GAMERS GALAXY International Series: Dubai.

The entire tournament organizers quickly banned hosting, alongside Gambit Esport and Team Spirit, their competitions for the “foreseeable future”, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the horrific bombings of large cities. blames Cancel Culture for esports bans

The ban on Russian esports organizations comes after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) called on sports bodies to ban the country’s teams from all international competitions, in a bid to have a direct impact on Russia’s economy. after their invasion of Ukraine. Sporting bodies such as FIFA and Formula 1 have already banned national teams and their representatives from their competitions, with the former withdrawing Russia from the World Cup qualifying stages and the latter boycotting the Russian Grand Prix from the calendar. 2022.

Some esports bodies have also followed suit, with BLAST being the first to introduce restrictions; Organizations and players based in Russia will not be allowed to participate in their events, namely the CS: GO BLAST Premier events. ESL echoed this action, while offering Russian players to participate in the events they have qualified for as long as they play under a neutral team name, fully disassociating themselves from their parent organizations. EA Sports has also removed all clubs and the national team from Fifa.

Following the restrictions, have now claimed that the restrictions on their competitor status are a “great example of ‘cancellation culture'”, insisting that they are not tied to the Russian government.

“We cannot tolerate this kind of behavior. There is no rational reason to suspend us from playing in tournaments, other than prejudice and pressure from outside,” the statement read.

Despite their insistence that they are not linked to the government, Dust Report.2 that their parent company, ESforce Holding, is part of a larger Russian ownership that has been targeted by the US and EU for its ties to Vladimir Putin and his regime. has revealed that it will allow its teams to continue playing without any association with themselves, although rosters have yet to comment.

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