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For the first time since 2013, FIFA is introducing a new business partnership structure that will provide businesses around the world with more personalized opportunities to partner with the sport of football, leverage the FIFA brand and support its competitions.

Three distinct partnership verticals are launched this week with a range of packages available for women’s football, men’s football and sports / games.

Kay Madati, FIFA Commercial Director, said: “As we continually work to make football truly global, accessible and inclusive, we have recognized the need for an agile and customizable business structure that enables brands large and small, global and local, to connect with all aspects of the great game. The new model will allow our partners to create more personalized programming and marketing activations that directly align with their strategic business goals, and connect them to fans. the world’s most passionate, in the world’s most engaging sport.

Launch of the first commercial program dedicated to women’s football to accelerate the growth and equality of women’s football Building on FIFA’s women’s football strategy unveiled in 2018, the launch of a dedicated women’s football business vertical marks a further step in FIFA’s commitment to making football more equitable and accessible for women and girls. The partners of this new vertical will be able to have a direct impact and support the growth and development of women’s football. Sarai Bareman, FIFA Women’s Football Manager, said: “This marks a watershed moment in maximizing the growth of women’s football and its marketing appeal, as we for the first time create equal business models in women’s and men’s football. . We are excited about the opportunities for brands that want to support women’s sport, help accelerate women’s equality and want to match the unprecedented momentum around women’s football. ”

An exciting new era in soccer games and eSports with FIFAe Vertical As FIFA continues to expand its esports and games footprint, a dedicated partnership structure will provide exciting opportunities to participate in the world’s fastest growing media vertical. FIFAe – the recently launched umbrella brand for all future FIFA gaming and esports initiatives – provides access to the world of interactive and immersive entertainment of new generations, cultures, tournaments and merchandising licensing opportunities.

Overview of FIFA’s new business structure A flexible partnership model will exist in the new separate verticals for women’s football, men’s football and sports / games.

  • World Cup Partners / Women’s Football Partners / FIFAe Partners will receive extended global commercial rights to all national team tournaments within their respective vertical, or a premium position in all esports competitions for the FIFAe vertical

  • Sponsors will receive the worldwide activation rights for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the FIFA World Cup and / or in all FIFA competitions

  • Tournament supporters may select territorial activation rights for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the FIFA World Cup or FIFAe competitions. A more flexible tournament supporter program is now available for women’s and men’s development tournaments such as the FIFA U-20 and U-17 World Cups

  • FIFA partners continue to hold the highest level of association with Global Partner status and category exclusivity in their respective FIFA properties and competitions

  • FIFA’s new business approach will allow brands to take advantage of new opportunities to partner with the FIFA brand to create and accelerate new business opportunities as well as create community and goal-oriented programs.

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