Uttar Pradesh ‘ODOP’ products will be on Modi’s gift list

Lucknow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will now be the brand ambassador of Uttar Pradesh’s flagship One District-One Product (ODOP) program.

He will offer special products made by the state’s skilled craftsmen to celebrities during his overseas visits.

The Prime Minister’s branding is expected to give a boost to ODOP exports, according to the government spokesperson, with the UP government aiming to record almost Rs 3 lakh crore in exports of such products to the over the next five years.

Famous products from different districts of the state were selected for the Prime Minister’s visit to different countries.

A senior government official said a proposal had been sent to the PMO to give gifts to 14 countries.

Custom ODOP products have been shortlisted for 11 specific countries.

“For example, if the Prime Minister visits France, Kannauj perfumes will be offered. Grasse in France is the largest perfume-producing city in the world, while in Uttar Pradesh, the same status is held by Kannauj” , the official said. .

The idea behind the move is also to cement the cultural ties, lifestyles and characteristics of the respective countries.

Subsequently, at the special request of the Prime Minister’s office, these products were molded according to their demand and value in different countries.

Navneet Sehgal, Additional Chief Secretary of MSME, said, “ODOP is changing people’s lives, creating employment opportunities in the state. It preserves and promotes local arts and crafts of the Uttar Pradesh Exports have increased significantly since the launch of ODOP, especially from local industrial clusters.”

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