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The dotted horizontal icon in your iPhone’s status bar serves as an indicator of your device’s network strength. And while this helps provide an approximation of your signal strength, swapping it to show an actual numeric value is much more accurate and can change the look of your iPhone (or at least the status bar). The process is quick, painless, and you don’t even have to jailbreak your phone.

However, note that this only works in iOS 6 to iOS 10. When iOS 11 was released it changed the signal strength meter dotted with bars, and it also screwed up the menu that we will be using to take advantage of this. trick. Still, if you have iOS 11, check out our guide on this for a workaround for some iPhone models.

Step 1: Enter Field Test Mode

Among other things, Field Test Mode is where you can check the signal strength of the nearby cell tower on your iPhone, and this is where we’ll start our process. To enter Field Test mode, simply dial:

* 3001 # 12345 # *

Step 2: change the signal strength

On the Field Test page, tap the upper left corner that displays the dots that visually represent your signal strength until it changes to display a numeric value. In some cases, it can display the numeric value immediately without pressing it.

Step 3: Save and apply the changes

To make sure the digital signal value stays in your status bar, we’ll use a little glitch. First, press and hold your Power / Lock button until you see the power off menu. Then, hold down the Home / Touch ID button for about ten seconds until it refreshes and redirects you to your home page.

You should now notice that the dotted indicator has been replaced with the numbers that represent your iPhone’s signal strength. Best of all, you can easily go back just by tapping on the area. This way, even if you prefer the dotted icon, you can easily jump to the number to check the signal strength and then tap it again to go back to the dots. If that didn’t make you go back, re-enter field test mode, then exit and it should come back to points.

How to determine signal strength

The higher the number, the better the signal strength. But keep in mind, since these are negative numbers, a higher number will actually show up as a lower number. To give you a bit of context, a good five bar signal will be somewhere between -40 and -77. If you have a bar, the numbers will be closer to -102 to -120.

It’s a simple trick that can enhance the look of your status bar while also serving as a useful feature, and it’s all possible without the need to jailbreak your iPhone.

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