Earlier today, well-connected Apple journalist Mark Gurman said the so-called “iPhone 8” will have a thin software bar at the bottom of the home screen, controlled by gestures, instead of a button. physical reception.

Gurman also said that the Dock, which houses up to four commonly used apps, will be redesigned with a new interface similar to that of the iPad version of iOS 11. Above, there will still be six rows of apps, with up to 24 applications per page.

The status bar is said to be split into left and right sides, which some Apple employees internally refer to as “ears.” By default, the left side displays the time, while the right side displays Wi-Fi, signal bars, and battery life.

With these details in mind, graphic designer Olivier Charavel created a model of what the home screen might look like on the iPhone 8.

Charavel also shared a mockup of Apple’s Health app as an example of what apps might look like on the iPhone 8 as a result.

iphone 8 health
Gurman said users can drag the gesture bar to the middle of the screen to unlock the device. Inside an app, a similar gesture starts multitasking, and users can continue to flick up to close the app and return to the home screen.

Guilherme Rambo shared a video which shows what it might look like once the Dock is invoked, based on Apple’s iOS simulator for developers.

More coverage: iOS 11 docking station and gesture controls to entirely replace the “iPhone 8” home button by Tim Hardwick

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