The Delhi High Court is granting time for the Delhi government to file a response on the pending vacancies in the prisons.

On Monday, the Delhi government requested time from the Delhi High Court to file its progress report highlighting the sanctioned force and pending vacancies in various posts in the prisons of the nation’s capital, including the post of doctors. , social workers, counselors and teachers.

The divisional bench consisting of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramonium Prasad was dealing with a plea filed by a practicing lawyer pointing out that there are a large number of vacancies for several positions in Delhi prisons.

The case is scheduled for next hearing on September 23, 2022.

Filed by lawyer Amit Sahni, the plea raises concerns about the “acute” shortage of prison staff, particularly education and corrections staff, psychiatric social workers and psychologists, who the plea says have been vacant for a long time.

The plea also pointed out that the Delhi Prison Rules, 2018 provide for the constitution of a Board of Visitors, a Duty Board, a State Advisory Board and a Prison Development Board , but these have not been notified for a long time.

Stating that Delhi prisons are facing a 20.25% staffing shortage and that the Apex Court and Delhi High Court have taken the pending vacancies in the prisons seriously, the plea calls for instructions to fill the vacancies. vacancies of doctors, paramedics, social workers, counselors, education teachers, yoga teachers, vocational training counselors and other pending vacancies.

In addition, advocacy calls for the constitution and notification of the Board of Visitors, Service Board, State Advisory Board, Prisons Development Board and Prison Staff Forum under the Prisons Act 2000 of Delhi and the Delhi Prison Rules 2018, in the best interest of the prisoners. deposited in the Delhi prisons as well as for the benefit of the Delhi Prison Service.

“Scarcity of prison staff is a reason for the inadequate management of Delhi prisons and this often leads to violence against wandering inmates by prison staff,” reads the plea.

As of the last court date, the judiciary had asked the Delhi government and the chief executive of prisons to disclose the reasons why the vacancies were not filled and what steps had been taken to fill the vacancies. The Delhi Government and DG Prisons have been instructed to immediately initiate the process of filling vacancies and expedite the filling of vacancies wherever the process is ongoing and pending.

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