The Continental: An Updated Cast List For The John Wick Prequel Series, Including Mel Gibson

the John Wick The franchise is hugely popular in the movie space, and there’s obviously hope that it will have the same success in the TV world. The Continental comes to Starz to tell the story of the hotel chain serving assassins decades before the events of the movies take place. It sounds like an exciting premise so far, and it’s backed up by an equally exciting cast.

In the same way The Continental bringing some familiar characters to the heart of the John Wick franchise, but not with the same actors we’ve seen in the movies, there are also plenty of newcomers joining in on the action. Here’s a preview of who’s appearing so far (Keanu Reeves will not join), who they play and what to expect from them in this thrilling project which will see two of its three 90-minute episodes directed by Albert Hughes.

Colin Woodell in Designated Survivor

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Colin Woodel

Colin Woodell joins The Continental as an actor who knows franchise TV shows that started on the big screen. He played Rick Betancourt in Season 1 of USA’s The purgeand also had a role in the highly publicized HBO Max series The stewardess. Now he will step into the shoes of one of John WickThe most notable characters not named after the film, Winston Scott.

Winston Scott, portrayed by Ian McShane in the films, is the future owner of the New York site of the Continentalwhich figures largely in the John Wick film series. His loyalty to the assassin code is unwavering, or at least that’s what we’re led to assume. This prequel series will show how Winston rose to prominence in a world of assassins and will likely explain how he came to own one of the most iconic hangouts for hitmen in the world.

Lance Reddick in John Wick

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Ayomide Adegun

The Continental will see fresh blood from the theater world join the Starz series, as Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama graduate Ayomide Adegun makes his acting debut. Adegun has one of the biggest roles to play in the John Wick franchise, as he steps into the role of one of the franchise’s most enigmatic characters, Charon.

Charon (played by actor Lance Reddick, who is pictured above) is the concierge at the New York Continental Hotel. He is the one who gets things done for the hotel guests and sometimes, when the situation calls for it, he gets his hands dirty. It’s clear that Charon is skilled with weapons and combat, but fans know next to nothing about his character. The Continental is a perfect opportunity to pull back the curtain on him and give fans some answers about his origins.

Mel Gibson in The Beaver

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Mel Gibson

The inclusion of Mel Gibson in The Continental came as a shock to a lot of people, especially because he doesn’t do a lot of television. So it’s safe to say that his casting wasn’t something on a lot of radar, but given the summary of the man’s action, the John Wick franchise feels like a good fit for him. Gibson enters The Continental like cormac. There are no details on Cormac at this time, but if an actor of Gibson’s status is playing him, you have to think his role is important.

Peter Greene in For Life

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Pierre Greene

Famous film and television actor Peter Greene enters The Continental as one of the strangest characters in John Wick. Greene steps into the role of Uncle Charlie, another person we’ve met before in the film series. In John Wick, “Charlie” is a resident cleaner for assassins in the movie world. Charlie is good at cleaning up bodies and seems like a neutral person who is willing to offer his services to any assassin willing to give him a gold coin per body. He’s never been less than enjoyable in the movies, so I expect the same in the Starz series.

Katie McGrath in Supergirl

(Image credit: The CW)

Katie McGrath

super girl actress Katie McGrath enters The Continental playing someone in a position first introduced in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the referee. Played by Asia Kate Dillon in the film, The Adjudicator acts as the representative of The High Table. They are the ones who see to it that the will of the masters of this organization is done, and they do not tolerate nonsense. It will be interesting to see how McGrath’s version of The Adjudicator differs from the one we encountered previously.

Jeremy Bobb in The Outsider

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Jeremy Bobb

Jeremy Bobb walks in The Continental as Mayhew, an original character from the series. Bobb’s past roles include notable shows like the stranger, Jessica Jonesand Russian doll. As for his role in the Starz series, we don’t know anything about Mayhew, although my guy tells me that guys with only one name are badass. For example, we have Charon on this show, and he’s as tough as it gets

Mark Musashi in a stunt video

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Marc Musashi

Mark Musashi is an actor best known for his stunts and is a trained martial artist. he worked Fear the living dead and Agents of SHIELDand now he brings his talents to The Continental. He’ll play a High Table assassin alongside his partner Gretel, which seems like a clear reference to the classic fairytale sibling duo.

Marina Mazepa on America's Got Talent

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Marina Mazepa

Marina Mazepa has television experience, but perhaps not in the way some might expect. She performed as a contortionist on America’s Got Talentwhere she was a season 14 quarter-finalist. Now she’s in The Continental as Gretel, a High Table assassin who works with Hansel. Between his contortion skills and his martial arts, I expect these two to be an interesting pair to watch.

Ray McKinnon in Sons of Anarchy

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Ray McKinnon

Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC fans are likely familiar with Ray McKinnon, who cut his teeth as Lincoln Potter in both series. Now he’s in The Continental like Jenkins, a new character that not much is known about. McKinnon is no stranger to rough and tumble shows, so I’m guessing his character could be much the same when the Starz series premiered.

Adam Shapiro in Never Have I Ever

(Image credit: Netflix)

Adam Shapiro

Adam Shapiro, who was most recently seen in the Netflix series I have neverenters The Continental like Lemmy. Like the rest of the new characters announced for the series, not much is said about her character. Who knows what to expect with this role, although I guess it ties into the world of assassins in a significant way.

hubert point-du-jour in Dr Death

(Image credit: Peacock)

Hubert Point Du Jour

Hubert Point-Du Jour enters the scene The Continental as a character called Miles. No details are yet known for Miles, but the actor is more recently known for his roles on shows like Dr. Deathas well as The good lord bird. Suffice it to say, he has the resume of a premium cable series considering his recent work.

Jessica Allain in the Ciroc ad

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Jessica Allen

The Continental welcomes Jessica Allain, who may be a lesser-known actress now, but she has big plans on the way. She will play Lou in the Starz series, but audiences will also see her in the upcoming Netflix version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No word on what to expect from her character, but it will still be exciting to see her.

Mishel Prada in Riverdale

(Image credit: The CW)

Michael Prada

Mishel Prada enters The Continental like the character KD, who is new to the series. Although the character is new, Prada is no stranger to television. She had stints in the television series Vidaand appeared as Hermosa Lodge in The CW’s drama series Riverdale.

Nhung Kate in her official acting reel

(Image credit: Nhung Kate Official YouTube Channel)

Nhung Kate

Nhung Kate is a Vietnamese actress who will join The Continental in the role of Yen. In addition to his roles in films like The maid, she is also an amateur MMA fighter. If I had to guess anything about her character, I’m guessing she’ll be throwing punches and trying to take out others with her fists.

Ben Robson on the animal kingdom

(Image credit: TNT)

Ben Robson

Ben Robson is a name whose fans vikings and TNTs Animal Kingdom should know well enough. It is now ready to appear in The Continental, where he will play Frankie. Like many in this cast, Frankie is new to the universe and his role in all of this is unknown, but I’m still excited to see Robson step into the role!

The Continental is set to arrive on Starz in 2022, though an exact date is yet to be known. It’s one of the many new shows expected this year, and another adaptation of a film franchise that could further blur the lines between genres.

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