Shark’s IZ682H Vertex Pro is on sale for $ 180 off

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SAVE $ 180: As of December 2, you can get the Shark IZ682H Vertex Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum for just $ 319.99, which is $ 180 (or 36%) less than its regular price of $ 499.99. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Yes, robot vacuums have been the second most important thing in household cleaning for a while, but there’s something to be said for a good upright vacuum – they can double as makeshift mic stands for you to sing along to. mid-cleaning, for example. Just, you know, important qualities in a vacuum.

As well as being an accessory to your rockstar cosplay, the Shark IZ682H Vertex Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum also does everything a great vacuum cleaner should. It features Shark’s DuoClean PowerFins, a self-cleaning configuration of two silicone finned brushes that work in tandem to provide continuous contact with carpets and hard floors, picking up all debris without the need to unroll a layer in between. like a lint roller.

The Shark IZ682H also has an IQ display on its handle which will show you real-time data on battery level (full charge providing 2 hours of runtime), cleaning mode (eco, deep cleaning, boost , carpet, hard floor) and state of maintenance. For added convenience, its multiflex design allows it to upgrade to a hand-held vacuum for above-ground cleaning needs and be able to fold up to reach tough spots while still being stable enough to provide a self-contained storage option, or fold 180 ° for extra compact storage.

In fact, the Shark IZ682H not only performs all the functions and more of a vacuum cleaner, it also performs (part of) the role of an air purifier. It features HEPA filtration and a full anti-allergenic seal that removes over 99.9% of dust, allergens and more, so it not only cleans your floor, but the the very air you breathe.

If you’re in the market for a cordless vacuum, check out the Shark IZ682H Vertex Pro Cordless Vacuum on Amazon for $ 319.99.

Credit: Shark

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