Sentinels pro Zellsis has been banned on Twitch

Sentinels pro Zellsis has been banned from Twitch for what appears to be copyright infringement.

Flexible Sentinels player Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro made waves earlier in August when he confirmed he would stay with the team for the 2023 season after some uncertainty over the status of his contract following a trade. Version1.

This made the Sentinels a juggernaut in Valorant and, along with the acquisition of Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, made them one of the most interesting teams for fans to watch.

But beyond the firepower that Zellsis brought to an already stacked lineup, many pointed out that Zellsis and its Twitch stream, with more than 135,000 subscribersbrought notoriety and a large group of fans to the Valorant team.

Unfortunately, Zellsis’ streaming career appears to have suffered a major setback.

According StreamerBansZellsis had his account banned on August 17. It is currently unclear whether this is a permanent ban or a two-week ban.

Zellsis may also choose to display the ban if it believes it was issued incorrectly.

Media personality Lucky Jack reports that Zellis believes the ban was issued incorrectly because the Twitch automated system mistook his swear words for a homophobic slur.

This kind of mistake happened to Valorant streamer Shanks, who was quickly unbanned.

However, some fans have come forward to dispute a mistake as the reason.

Zellis was apparently watching the Tokyo Ghoul anime streaming, which some Fans thinks that might have been the reason for his ban.

Whatever the reason, it remains to be seen if Zellsis will appeal and when he will be back streaming Valorant.

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