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I often wanted to cry “UNCLE” (a sin The man of) while watching The Ipcress foldera stylized 1960s spy caper.

The Manchu Candidate (seen on a movie marquee) is another touchstone for this snappy, kitsch six-part game based on Len Deighton’s best-selling novel. You can also be reminded of shows like Secret agent and the original Impossible mission as the sinuous series weaves its exotic web.

(Credit: Ben Blackall/Mikola Preovic / ©AMC+ /Courtesy Everett Collection)

In the role that helped make Michael Caine a star in a 1965 film, Peaky Blinders‘ Joe Cole has cheeky charm in spades as bad boy agent Harry Palmer. “I am uncomfortable discussing my emotions,” he insists, but unlike his contemporary James Bond, who also has a license to kill, Harry lacks willpower, showing remorse after a heartbreaking gunfight.

Snatched from prison by a rogue bureau (run by a devious Tom Hollander) to find a kidnapped scientist at the height of the Cold War nuclear arms race, Harry works alongside the seductive professional spy Jean Courtney (Lucy Boynton, fabulous ) as they fly from London to Beirut to a test atoll in the Pacific.

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With international conspiracies and brainwashing adding to the colorful plot, this Casehe’s a keeper.

The Ipcress folderFirst in the series Thusday, May 19, AMC+

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