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Grinders is a mind-blowing arcade snowboarding game created by a small indie team. It’s easy to feel the pure love for the sport right from the start of the game. Revolving around two snowboarders who run an up-and-coming YouTube channel called Shreddagedon, players must guide them to earn a spot in the coveted snowboard invite.

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Grinders perfectly blends the best parts of open mountain snowboarding that has already been enjoyed in SSX-3 with the cheat-and-score-driven arcade nature found in the amplified series. Fortunately, Grinders does a top-notch job of bringing gamers up to speed with its unique yet robust control system. If eager gamers are looking to become Shredders’ next pro snowboarder, be sure to check out these radical pro tips.

6 Carving and speed checking

cutting fresh powder in shredders

While new players can figure out how to get down the mountain in a basic way, it’s carving and speed checking that turn novices into pros in Grinders. Grinders has an incredibly deep motion system by which the carving ensures tighter turns around objects, hazards, or when setting up for a big jump. The game teaches this skill to budding boarders, but not until much later in the game.

Likewise, to become more and more proficient and skillful and fire the huge kickers, it’s a good idea to become familiar with speed control. Speed ​​control involves moving the snowboard slightly to slow the speed enough to prepare for a jump or rail trick. The combination of carving and speed checking will ensure that these pro skills are showcased in-game.


5 From Simple to Gnarled Turns – The Flick Approach

perform a cool trick in the shredders

shredders The cheats approach is simple in its premise but quite difficult to master, at least when first starting out in the game. test is to increase the number of rounds when they deceive the huge kickers. Performing basic 180s and 360s can be done fairly easily, however, performing 1080s and 1440s is a whole different beast.

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In order to perform gnarly tricks in Grinders, it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with the film’s approach. The flick approach occurs when you line up for a spin, holding down the pre-jump button, while pre-spinning your body for the spin trick. At the last moment, and before letting go of the jump button, flick the controller in the opposite direction. This fast spin will ensure players spin faster in the air.

4 Land in style

land a grab trick in powder snow in the shredders

None of the awesome stuff in Grinders matter if a successful landing does not take place. It’s easy to think that an arcade-style snowboarding game like Shredders just lets players land easily. While this may be true in some cases, such as on small jumps, it’s a good idea to understand how to land with style and perfection.

Landing in style in this game comes down to judging the angle from which the landing will take place. Grinders has a pre-landing button that can be held down just as the trick is over. It may seem really great to continue this rotation or flip, however, it is essential to pre-land by setting up the snowboard with the angle of the landing zone. Doing this earns players more points and style.

3 The jib and the grind

get air before a grind in the shredders

Apart from the insane tricks that can be performed in the air in this game, avid skateboarders can also perform jibs or grinds. Jib is another snowboard term for grinding and simply means guiding the snowboard on a rail or box in order to perform these types of tricks. shredders the landscape is full of jib areas, however, it takes good movement control to prepare for these tricks.

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Once a good line of tricks is spotted, it is usually recommended to do a speed check, allowing players to slow down just enough to jump on a rail. Some rails simply have players step on them. In order to pull off pro-level grinds, riding a rail through speed controls and spins will yield much higher scores and style points.

2 Mastery of the double turn

pull a big air intake in the shredders

shredders gameplay features a bit of nuance and mastery of control. This is especially true when it comes to performing corkscrew tricks or rodeos, for example. Corked tricks combine flips and spins in a way that changes the boarder’s position in the air, making the tricks much more exciting. Rodeos are similar in that they involve turning your body over in a certain way in combination with spinning.

Achieving these high-level cheats is no small feat. In order to do these types of pro level tricks, it is of utmost importance to be familiar with double tricks. Players can do this in pre-tricks. The pre-trick occurs when your boarder modifies their body before a jump. This can be done with the flip and spin maneuvers. After releasing the jump button, players are thrown into crazy, over-the-top flip and spin combos that look downright mind-blowing.

1 Reset, redo, never give up

prepare a jump in the grinders

Although it’s a cliche to say, practice does indeed make perfection. This statement is incredibly true if players want to go from novice to pro, especially if that coveted invitation is in sight. Fortunately, Grinders gives every snowboarder the time and flexibility to master their pro-level moves. One of the ways this happens is with the ever-present reset button.

At any time, or in the event of an error, simply press the reset button to reverse the boarder for a few seconds. This revamp allows players to try this trick again and again, until it is perfected. It’s such a remarkable system that more extreme sports games should be implemented. Often restarting an entire race in hopes of getting that lap done can be frustrating, so it’s good that Grinders sets up and coming pro snowboarders for success.

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