Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi | PM Kisan: where to file a complaint if you have not received the amount from PM Kisan

The government is taking numerous steps to ensure that all qualified PM-KISAN beneficiaries receive assistance. Aadhaar, which is a mandatory requirement of the program, has all been made available through public interfaces.

The Central Sector Scheme, PM-KISAN, was established by the government to provide financial support of up to Rs 6,000 per year to marginalized smallholder farmers across the country.

PM Modi has distributed around Rs 20,000 crore to over 9.5 million beneficiary farmers under the PM-KISAN scheme. It is likely, however, that some farmers have not yet received their installment or payment. They can use the PM KISAN website and mobile app to search for their name. Meanwhile, the government has provided a list of phone numbers where people can complain if they haven’t received the deposit yet.

How to register a complaint

If an eligible farmer who has not received his 10th installment of Rs 2,000 under PM KISAN, can lodge a complaint with the PM Kisan Helpdesk. From Monday to Friday, you can file a complaint. You can also register your complaints by sending an e-mail.

Email ID: and or

Call PM-Kisan hotline number: 011-24300606,155261

PM Kisan’s toll-free number is 1800-115-526

You can also ask a question online using this direct link.

Enter your Aadhaar or account number or mobile number and click “Get details”.

How to check the name in the list of beneficiaries

Step 1: Access the official PM KISAN portal

Step 2: Under ‘Farmers Corner’ and click on the ‘Beneficiary List’ button.

Step 3: Enter status, district, sub-district, block, village and click “Get Report” button.

The PM KISAN beneficiary status will be displayed. The complete transaction history of the PM KISAN beneficiary will be displayed. Details of the last installment will appear on the screen, including the date it was transferred to the recipients account and the bank account it was credited to. Beneficiaries’ cash benefits will be credited directly to their bank accounts, not in cash.

It should be noted that in the event of inaccurate declaration, the beneficiary exposes himself to the recovery of the transferred financial advantage as well as to additional penal sanctions.

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According to PM Kisan’s website, these are important FAQs

1) What is the definition of “family” in the context of the program?

A farmer’s family is defined as “a family consisting of husband, wife and

minor children who own cultivable land according to the land registers of the person concerned

State/UT”. The existing land system will be used for the identification of

beneficiaries for the calculation of the benefit.

2) How does a farm operator’s family know that their name is included
in the list of beneficiaries?

Beneficiary lists would be displayed at Panchayats to ensure greater transparency

and information. In addition, States/UTs would notify the benefit sanction to the

beneficiary by SMS generated by the system. He can also check his status

via the Farmers Corner of the PIV-Kisan portal.

3) Will the monetary benefit under the plan be credited directly to
beneficiary accounts?

Yes. The financial benefit under the scheme is directly credited to the bank accounts

beneficiary accounts.

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