Only four notification icons are visible on the status bar of Android P

Android P may require long-time Android users to unlearn certain habits. When you want to know the time from the status bar, where do you look on your Android P powered phone? Right, of course. But on Android P, the time has been moved to the left. And the new Android version will only show four notification icons in the status bar. Although this is done to accommodate the notch, which has native support in Android P, only four notification icons appear in notch-less handsets, at least for now. If more than four notifications have been received, the four icons will be followed by a chain of dots. Each dot represents another notification received, although it does not indicate which application received it. You will need to pull down the notifications panel to see which apps sent you all of the notifications you received. For comparison, on Android Oreo there is room in the status bar to display up to seven notification icons. Android P will release later this year, and it’s unclear if the four notification icon limit on unchecked models is applied only to Developer Preview, so developers can get a feel for what. will look like the status bar on notched handsets.

An example of what the status bar looks like on Android P can be seen in the image accompanying this story. Also note the new home button at the bottom of the screen. The multitasking button is gone, replaced with a gesture, and the back button only appears in situations where it can be used. Since the image shows the home screen, the back button is disabled.

The source: AndroidPolice

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