One UI Tuner lets you change status bar, quick settings, or recent apps on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android Pie

One UI is Samsung’s latest design language and so far it has received a good number of positive reviews. Unlike one size fits all, this is not the case when it comes to software interfaces. Most of us will accept certain UI elements, but would much rather have the ability to change things up. You might know XDA Recognized Developer and Retired Forum Moderator from its System UI Tuner app and now it has released a new app called One UI Tuner.

Like System UI Tuner, One UI Tuner’s goal is to let you customize various UI elements that Samsung has laid out in its new software. The new app uses Samsung’s full theme engine to add some features that were removed with the update (for example, enabling seconds in the status bar clock or changing the number of Quick Settings headers using Android Hidden Settings). One UI Tuner does not require root access, nor do you need to run any ADB commands.

The developer notes that if you are prompted for root access, you are more than welcome to decline it. These prompts are in place for future updates to allow the application to silently apply the changes. But at the moment it currently has no effect.

The app costs $1 and is available from XDA Labs. The XDA forum thread linked below is where you’ll find support for the app.

Check out One UI Tuner on our paid apps forum

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