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Bhopal: Shortly after the Supreme Court’s directive to hold unqualified state panchayat polls from the OBC on Tuesday morning, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the government would file a petition for review.
“The decision of the SC has come, we have not studied the details of the order. For the panchayat elections to be held with the reserves of the OBC, we will file a request for review and appeal for the polls of the local organs are carried out with the quota of the OBC,” said CM Chouhan.
Former CM Kamal Nath, whose government had increased the OBC quota from 14% to 27%, said: “The anti-OBC face of the Shivraj government has been exposed once again. The government did not want the OBC category to enjoy any reservations, so all conspiracies were plotted against it.
Civic polls in the state have been expected since December 2019.
Last Thursday, Madhya Pradesh’s Underprivileged Class Welfare Commission, headed by former Minister Gauri Shankar Bisen, recommended a 35% reservation for OBCs in the panchayat and polls of local bodies through its report on the status of OBC “triple test” reservations. The committee argued that OBCs make up 48% of the state’s vote bank.
In March 2021, the Supreme Court ordered local body polls to be held in MPs without an OBC reservation and asked the government to submit a triple test report on the OBC quota in the state. The Backward Classes Welfare Commission report on the OBC population was submitted to the MP government on May 5, which was presented to SC.
It all started in March 2019 when the former Congress government, led by Kamal Nath, increased OBC reservations in the state from 14% to 27%, bringing total reservations in the state to 73% (including 10 % for the economically backward classes), thereby breaking the 50% limit on caste-based reservations.
After the BJP returned to power, Nath alleged that the BJP government was not enforcing the OBC’s 27% quota. The Shivraj government appointed the OBC Welfare Committee for a headcount and recommended a 35% reservation.
In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Nath said: “Our 15 month government has increased bookings for OBC Benefit and Welfare from 14% to 27%. After the fall of our government, the Shivraj government blocked the decision for many months by giving the wrong opinion. After we fought for the cause, the government implemented our government’s decision by rectifying its mistake. Nath alleged that the BJP state government failed to complete the triple test procedures in time, as reported by SC, and that the government submitted “half-complete reports”. “If the Shivraj government had strongly favored the OBC class in the courts, it would have presented the OBC data firmly, and then the OBC class would have been given reservations,” he said.
“The Congress is determined that the OBCs benefit from the reservation and without it the polls of the panchayat and local bodies should not take place. We are with the OBC class in this matter, we will not remain silent. We will study today’s decision, discuss with legal experts. For this we will fight in the streets to the state legislature.

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