Nonprofit Tax Day is here! File electronic Form 990 or extend your deadline by completing Form 8868 with ExpressTaxExempt

ROCK HILL, SC /ACCESSWIRE/May 16, 2022/ Today is the May 16th 990 series return deadline! Your organization may have a May 16 deadline if you are operating in a calendar tax year or have filed extension form 8868 for the November 15 deadline.

Organizations Filing a Series 990 Return for the 2021 Calendar Year must file their returns electronically. With ExpressTaxExempt, an IRS-authorized e-filing provider, organizations can securely file Forms 990-N, 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF, 990-T, 8868, and CA 199.

If your organization has a May 16 Form 990 Deadline, it is important to file your return before midnight so that your organization can maintain its tax-exempt status and avoid penalties from the IRS. With ExpressTaxExempt’s helpful features, organizations can file their 990 returns quickly and easily.

ExpressTaxExempt’s live customer support team is available by phone (704-839-2321), email ([email protected]), and chat to assist organizations during their filing and answer any questions they may have.

Need more time?

Tax-exempt organizations that need more time to file their return beyond the May 16 deadline can apply for an automatic 6-month extension in filing form 8868, Request for an extension of time to file an exempt organization declaration. Nonprofits can extend their Form 990 deadline once a year. If you have a return deadline of May 16, 990, you must file Form 8868 by the deadline.

CEO and co-founder of SPAN Enterprises, the parent company of ExpressTaxExemptsays Agie Sundaram, “ExpressTaxExempt looks forward to helping nonprofits and tax practitioners meet IRS e-filing requirements for the May 16 deadline!”

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About ExpressTaxExempt

ExpressTaxExempt is a SOC 2 certified and IRS authorized electronic file provider for IRS Series 990 returns. ExpressTaxExempt provides simple electronic file solutions for organizations, foundations and tax exempt tax practitioners.

About SPAN Companies:

SPAN Enterprises is the parent company of ExpressTaxExempt and various other business management and electronic filing applications. Located in the small town of Rock Hill, SC, SPAN Enterprises proves that big ideas grow in small towns.

SPAN Enterprises is at the forefront of innovative applications with existing business management and electronic filing applications such as TruckLogics, ExpressTruckTax and TaxBandits. Learn more about

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