Myles Garrett refuses to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame until he is there

Myles Garrett skipped a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for an interesting reason.

The Cleveland Browns decided to take a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this week, a trip that head coach Kevin Stefanski organized as a “team building opportunity.” Almost everyone on the team went there. From coaches to players to everything in between. Yet one name is not gone. That person was Myles Garrett.

You’d think he was holding on because he was the only one who voted for a trip to Cedar Point instead, but that’s not why. Apparently, he never plans to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Guangzhou; at least not before being inducted.

When Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon newspaper asked him why he skipped the trip, Garrett gave his bold reason;

Honestly I don’t wanna go [to the Hall]. I restrained myself from going there because I don’t want to go until I’m there. Until my face is there, I don’t want to go. If we go as a team and Kevin says, “I want you to go,” that’s fair play. But I’m not trying to go until they get me for good.

Myles Garrett is not a Hall of Famer, at least not yet

I don’t think it will shock anyone by saying that Myles Garrett isn’t a Hall of Famer, at least for now. That’s not to say he can’t make it, he’s definitely on the pace. He’s three-time All-Pro, three-time Pro-Bowler, and unofficially 6th all-time in sacks for the Browns.

Officially, he is second, as four of the five names ahead of him competed while the sack stat was unofficial. The only player with more in franchise history is Clay Matthews. Matthews has 75 for the team, while Garrett is at 58.5.

The destination of a Hall of Famer, I believe, is like leveling up in a game. You’re a starter, then you’re a Pro Bowler, then you’re a franchise legend, and then you’re a Hall of Famer. Right now, Garrett has just stepped into franchise legend status.

He’s not a Hall of Famer yet, but he’s close enough to see the exit sign to Canton.

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