MIUI can adopt “dynamic status bar” function

Today, the MIUI development team launched a poll that gives users of Xiaomi Waterdrop phones the option to vote for whatever type of status bar they want. While many internet users don’t really care where the icons appear on the status bar, some do. The company has received reports that in the current MIUI system for the water drop screen, mute, alarm clock and other icons are displayed on the left. So when all the features are active simultaneously, we have a cluttered left status bar while the right is empty.

This has elicited a lot of negative feedback from internet users. Even if there is free space on the right side, icons such as mute and alarm clock will not be displayed on the right side. Subjectively, one has the feeling that the use of space is not perfect. For this reason, the MIUI development team plans to change the status to “Dynamic display of water drop screen status bar”. To put it simply, the mute, the alarm clock and the other icons will be placed on the right when there is free space on the right. This will only happen when the left is crowded anyway.

However, there is also an issue with the dynamic status bar. The notification bar icon is a digital signage process. This means that icons like mute can migrate between the left and right sides of the status bar depending on the situation. Personally, I would like to know exactly where to look when I need to see an icon on my phone. According to the survey results, 44.6% support the existing program, while 55.4% support the new program. Now it looks like Xiaomi will adopt the dynamic status bar for displaying water drops. What solutions do you think is more reasonable?

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