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A video was posted showing a MacBook Pro notch issue where status bar items may get hidden under the notch.

A separate video shows how the extended menu bar items wrap around the notch, which also reveals an inconsistency in how macOS handles the mouse pointer …

Owner of Snazzy Labs Quinn Nelson tweeted a few videos. The first, titled ‘Who designed this ?!’ illustrates what happens in an application with enough menu bar items to go past the notch. macOS handles this well, by simply positioning the remaining menus to the right of the notch. However, there is an inconsistency.

If you have selected one of these applications, you cannot move the mouse pointer “behind” the notch. If you move to the right, the pointer jumps over the notch. If you try to climb into the notch, the pointer hits it.

However, if Finder is tuned, the behavior is different. The pointer may be lost / hidden inside the notch. Neither is wrong, it’s just not a great UI to have that kind of inconsistency.

Nelson also complains that apps with lots of menus steal space from status bar icons, but that’s normal behavior that happens with or without the notch. The worst complaint one can make about this is that it will happen more often, given the space taken up by the notch.

Take a look at the bottom video first:

One response suggests that Apple is doing this to prevent older apps from inadvertently using that space.

The second video, however, reveals a real bug. When you expand status bar items, they may end up fully or partially hidden behind the notch.

It illustrates this with iStat, which the developer has confirmed is not doing anything unusual with its app.

We only use the standard NSStatusItems, as most applications would for their menu bar status items.

Edge editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn summarized the apparent reason for the problem:

So the team in charge of menu items in apps has been read to the letter, but the team in charge of menu status items has not? MDR

This obviously does not reach the level of a “-gate” and will be an easy fix, but it is rather embarrassing that Apple did not detect the problem during testing.

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