Long Beach releases list of 27 priority streets for repaving in fiscal year 2023

The Long Beach City Council on Tuesday approved a list of 27 priority streets for repaving and resurfacing in fiscal year 2023.

Street repairs will be funded by approximately $10.7 million in funds from the Roads Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account (RMRA) – a feature of Senate Bill 1, a law passed in 2017 that provides California cities with funds for basic road maintenance, rehabilitation and critical safety projects. on local streets and roads.

“It’s a big step forward. It’s not enough,” said board member Stacy Mungo. “We have to give you more money. We need more streets to repair.

Cities receiving the funds are required to identify priority projects for the coming fiscal year.

“These streets are some that our residents have been waiting for, some of them for about five years,” said Eric Lopez, director of public works. “We are happy to enter this next series of streets and have the money to be able to do so.

The following are the proposed street improvement projects that will be funded with RMRA funds:

  • 5th Street (from the temple to Obispo Avenues)
  • Obispo Avenue (4th to 7th streets)
  • Carroll Park East (Carroll Park North to East 4th Street)
  • Carroll Park East (3rd Street East to Carroll Park North)
  • Fidler Avenue (Sandwood Street to Del Amo Boulevard)
  • Pearce Avenue (service roads from Arbor Boulevard to Del Amo Boulevard)
  • Hersholt Avenue (Arbor Road to Del Amo Boulevard Service Road)
  • Pageantry Street (service from Bellflower Boulevard to San Anseline Roads)
  • Iroquois Avenue (Pageantry Street to Josie Avenue)
  • Avenue de Knoxville (from avenue Josie to rue de Metz)
  • Nipomo Avenue (Spring Streets in Rosebay)
  • Ostrom Avenue (service road from Spring Street to Nipomo Avenue)
  • Monlaco Road (Karen to Stevely Avenues
  • Studebaker Road West Service Road (Keynote Street to Los Coyotes Diagonal Service Road)
  • South Street (Jaymills to Atlantic Avenues) – South Side
  • East 49th Street (Long Beach Boulevard to Locust Avenue)
  • East Pleasant Street (Elm Avenue to East End)
  • Cambridge Street (Long Beach Boulevard to White Avenue)
  • East Scott Street (Long Beach Boulevard to White Avenue)
  • Fenter Avenue West (Adams to West Bort Streets)
  • West Barclay Street (Rahn Avenue to Long Beach Boulevard Service Road)
  • West Forhan Street (N/S Alley E/W Susana Road to Long Beach Boulevard)
  • Lemon Avenue (south to 64th Street)
  • Olive Avenue (south to 61st Street)
  • South Street (De Forest Avenues to Jaymills)
  • South Street (Jaymills to Atlantic Avenues) – Northside
  • 64th Street (Linden to Atlantic Avenues)

Several council members asked about the condition of Studebaker Road, a main thoroughfare in Long Beach.

“My favorite quote as chair of the Transportation and Port Infrastructure Committee was […] ‘What does a girl have to do to get Studebaker stoned here?’ said board member Suzie Price.

Lopez said Public Works is currently in the design phase, adding that his department is working “diligently” to secure more funding for the project — the City has already secured an $8 million grant from Metro for the street. He said the design is about 60% complete, making it “very competitive” for additional funds.

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