[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Battery saver now turns status bar and navigation bar to bright orange

Google introduced power saving mode in the latest developer preview, and it seems to work the same this time around, with one notable exception: orange. Lots of oranges. When you activate power saving mode, your status bar and navigation bar turn orange and stay that way until you turn off the power saver.

When you enable this mode, the screen brightness is reduced, animations are disabled, background data is (mostly) disabled, and vibration is disabled. Basically the device is less fun to use, but it works longer. Google really wants to make sure you remember you turned on battery saver I guess. The notification icon is not enough, so your system bars are orange.

It’s orange and completely solid all overeven in apps that have transparent bars or that use the new header color. This can lead to contrasting hues. There doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off this extraordinarily strong visual cue, so you’ll probably have to live with it.


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