Lions cornerback Jeff Okudah lists players on the verge of being eliminated from the NFL

Jeff Okudah had a disappointing start to his NFL career, so much so that he’s been on a list of players who are fast approaching bust status.

After a tough rookie who was also hit by injury, Detroit Lions cornerback Jeff Okudah was in line for a fresh start under a new coaching staff in 2021. But it wasn’t to be, as a torn Achilles in Week 1 against the San Francisco 49ers. waived him for the season.

The Lions took Okudah third overall in the 2020 NFL Draft out of Ohio State, and they just haven’t gotten much from the investment over two seasons. Even when he was on the pitch in 2020, the results weren’t good (118.0 passer rating allowed in his coverage, according to Pro Football Reference).

Injuries have taken their toll on Okudah physically and mentally, as injuries of the sort he suffered (a core muscle injury ended his rookie season, and he actually had surgery on both sides last offseason).

Jeff Okudah lists young NFL players ‘almost bankrupt’

Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine compiled a list of eight young NFL players who are “dangerously close to bust status” heading into the 2022 season. Okudah did.

Sometimes the most important capability is availability. If you look back at some of the all-time busts in the NFL Draft, injuries and the inability to stay healthy are a common theme.

After playing 10 games in his first two seasons with the Detroit Lions, Jeff Okudah is flirting with bust status simply because he hasn’t been on the court.

The No. 3 pick in the 2020 draft played nine games as a rookie. He missed time with hamstring, shoulder and groin injuries.

BImproved health would go a long way towards Okudah getting rid of any idea that he’s about to be a bust, or that he’ll end up being declared unequivocally. There is no doubt that his third season promises to be a turning point in his career.

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