“LeBron James, Drake and Naomi Osaka invest in Status PRO”: Lakers superstar, tennis star and rapper invest in games company started by former footballers

Lakers superstar LeBron James becomes a shareholder in another company that could well be worth billions in years to come.

After retiring from their sport, very few athletes are as successful in their next profession or business as they are in their sport. LeBron James never waited for retirement to invest in various established and budding businesses.

The Lakers superstar is fifth among the highest paid athletes in the world. And for his investments, not counting his sponsorships and endorsements, he is ranked No.39 on the Forbes list of the richest entrepreneurs in the world. That’s quite a resume for someone who is already too committed to being one of the greatest in their sport.

In addition to being the biggest stake in the NBA for nearly two decades, LeBron has interests in two other major sports through his investment in Fenway Sports Group. It is the parent company of the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC in Major League Baseball. He has invested in many other billion dollar companies.

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He has many other investments that are helping him add millions to his wealth as we speak. Over the years, LeBron has partnered with various stars from different fields to invest in new businesses.

LeBron James with Drake and Naomi Osaka invests in Status PRO

Recently, he invested in StatusPRO with tennis superstar Naomi Osaka and rapper Drake. It is a sports and games technology company that combines player data with augmented reality XR and virtual reality, to create a suite of training and fan engagement products for businesses and consumers. . The gaming industry will be worth $ 57 billion by 2027.

Former footballers co-founders Andrew Hawkins and Troy Jones saw a unique opportunity to combine the expertise of athletes with the technological expertise of XR veterans to revolutionize the way coaches, players and fans live their favorite sports. More than half of StatusPRO’s employees and contractors are former athletes.

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This is definitely the best time to be an athlete, as many athletes from all sports are as successful off the field, if not more successful than they were on the field.

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