League Of Legends: Top Lane Tier List

In the world of League of Legends, the top lane tends to be a lonely island. Due to the priority of getting dragons near the bot lane, top laners are often left to their own devices and clash with their opponents in the bot lane. As such, champions built for the top lane tend to be able to defend themselves.

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Top lane champions have spells that help them in these duels, scale by cultivating, halving, and firing sick teleports around the map, so their influence is always felt. Some champions are underrated picks for the job, but let’s take a look at some of the best.


ten Renketon – Destruction Approaches

The Butcher of the Sands, in his malevolent madness, will cut down all that stands before him in his Reign of Wrath. The Fury he generates in battle adds special effects to his spells when he exceeds a certain threshold. More than happy to Cull the Meek, Renekton heals himself by swinging his crescent axe.

Like the ruthless predator that he is, he stuns enemies then slices and dices them. When he really wants to unleash his rage, he can activate his ultimate, Dominus, and grow in size gaining health, range, and fury. When his bloodlust is quenched, he is a rescuer.

9 Darius – Strength Above All

The Hand of Noxus can be a tough enemy to face in the top lane as it is likely to bleed you out. While you’re bleeding, he’ll give you a stun strike to slow you down, apprehend you with his battle ax to slow you down even more, then decimate you with the edge of the blade, effectively healing himself. Just when you thought the brutal onslaught was over, he’ll probably dunk (yes, “dunk” with aq) you with his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine, to finish the job.

8 Irelia – This land will be their graveyard

The Blade Dancer fights for the First Lands by cutting through the Noxians with its levitating blades. With her skillful and decisive moves, she stacks her Ionian Fervor, giving her bonus attack speed. His superb flawless duo and ultimate, Vanguard’s Edge apply Unstable to enemy champions and mark them.

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Irelia can then use her Bladesurge to dash towards the target and consume the mark, healing herself in the process. When she needs to reduce incoming damage, she can adopt a defensive stance with her Defiant Dance, which can also deal damage after channeling. Meet her at noon and she will show you her moves.

seven Camille – Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon

The Steel Shade is the Main Intelligenceer of Clan Ferros and operates outside the law to preserve order and serve the interests of her family. To that end, she had her mortal flesh replaced with numerous hextech augmentations to give her adaptive defenses suitable for any altercation.

She uses her Tactical Swipe to slow and damage enemies, allowing her to follow up with Hookshot in a Walldive if she’s close enough to the field. Thanks to her mobility, she can activate a precision protocol to inflict true damage and finish off her ultimate, The Hextech Ultimatum.

6 Illaoi – Broken Bones Teach Better Lessons

The Kraken Priestess is Nagakabouros’ bringer of truth, channeling the bearded woman’s power through her idol. As she is the prophet of an elder god, she will engage you in a test of the spirit as she extracts the spiritual essence from you to teach her a harsh lesson. Illaoi’s Deity Tentacles will spawn on the battlefield near her, and when she uses Tentacle Smash, one of her idol along with those nearby, will crash into you if you’re not fast enough to dodge them.

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When the thrust arrives, Illaoi will summon his Goddess in his ultimate, Leap of Faith, where tentacles spawn for each champion hit and slam multiple times for devastating damage.

5 Shen – Tread Carefully

The Eye of Twilight is great to have on your team because it feels like it can teleport twice, with its ultimate and the actual teleport summoner spell. His Ki Barrier manifests a Spirit Blade which he can use for his Twilight Assault and Spirit’s Refuge spells. The first spell allows Shen to call his spirit blade back to its location, slowing enemies hit by it.

This last spell creates a deferment zone that locks Shen and his nearby allies within the confines of the ethereal dome against basic attacks. His Shadow Dash pairs well with the aforementioned spells as it allows him to dash to a target location and taunt champions and monsters he passes through, forcing them to attack him. Shen’s coveted ultimate, Stand United, is a global spell that allows him to shield an ally in need and flash to their location after a short channel.

4 Sett – Technique… is for lightweights

The Boss’s Pit Grit gives him Heavy Hands and the Heart of the Half-Beast as he charges into battle. Sett gains extra movement speed when he wants to Knuckle Down and close the gap between him and his opponent. He likes to be up close and personal as he is a true Facebreaker, relishing in the sound of cracking skulls.

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After taking damage, he can perform a Haymaker to get a large shield that deals true damage in the center. He becomes The Shower Stopper when he uses his ultimate, suppressing his target to leap into the air with them and crush them.

3 Dr. Mundo – Malpractice Makes Evil Perfect

Zaun’s Fool is another behemoth that goes where it pleases as it periodically gains immunity to immobilize effects. Crowd Control (CC) that would affect him causes canisters to drop from his body which he can then pick up to heal himself. He can throw an infected bone saw at his enemies to slow them down, healing himself if the instrument connects to his mark.

Mundo’s Heart Zapper deals damage in an area around him as he charges a defibrillator, causing it to explode if he re-rolls the ability. When Mundo feels the need to use Blunt Force Trauma, he gains bonus attack damage and can even send minions and small monsters flying towards you. Never be fooled by a low health Mundo because the next thing you know he will spawn his ultimate, max dose, and grow even bigger as he regenerates health, gains attack damage extra and moves with speed.

2 Urgot – Cries follow in its wake

The Dreadnought can truly be a late-game nightmare to deal with due to its juggernaut status. His passive, Echoing Flames, activates the shotguns concealed in each of his legs when he performs a basic attack on the corresponding side. His corrosive charge slows enemies hit by the canister, allowing him to dive towards them with his disdain and flip them like a pancake.

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Once stunned from being knocked down, Urgot can begin purging his target, gaining attack speed and slow resistance. His ultimate, Fear Beyond Death, allows him to impale a low-health target with his chemical drill and drag them to his meat grinder belly, fearing all around him and executing his prey.

1 Gwen – The Fight Is Worth It

The Sacred Seamstress makes her way through Summoner’s Rift, ready to give anyone a thousand blows with her giant scissors. With a little Snip Snip! here she’ll deal real damage, and with a little Skip ‘n Slash there she’ll dash and gain speed and attack range. When Gwen summons her holy mist, enemies cannot target her, and she gains bonus armor and magic resistance against those who dare enter her hallowed domain.

If you want to test her threading skills, she can activate her ultimate, Needlework, and slow you down long enough to make you admire the finer aspects of her needles, like their many tips.

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