Jake Virtanen sexual misconduct investigation file turned over to Crown prosecutors

Crown prosecutors will review evidence gathered by Vancouver Police investigators regarding allegations of sexual misconduct against Jake Virtanen.

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The police investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against former Vancouver Canucks player Jake Virtanen is now in the hands of Crown prosecutors.

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Vancouver Police began their investigation in May, after speaking with a woman who made social media allegations against Virtanen.

spokesperson for VPD Const. Tania Visintin told Postmedia News on Friday that the police file had recently been turned over to prosecutors.

“We are waiting to see whether there will be approval of the charges or not,” she said.

She said even though investigators turned their evidence over to the Crown, the investigation was not considered closed by police.

“It’s not concluded. The Crown is reviewing the case, ”she said. “They could either accept it and pass the fee, or suggest other tasks before approving it. Or just throw it all together. I won’t really know where he is until Crown gives us his opinion.

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After allegations against Virtanen were made on social media in late April, the Canucks put Virtanen on leave. They have also launched their own independent investigation.

Asked earlier this month whether their investigation could be considered complete, the Canucks responded with a statement: “We will not be able to comment on our investigation into Jake Virtanen which was conducted by a law firm. external because there is an active police investigation in Vancouver. In progress.

Canucks general manager Jim Benning gave a similar response on Thursday, saying he couldn’t comment on the status of the investigation until the team heard more from police.

A woman also filed a lawsuit in British Columbia’s Supreme Court against Virtanen, alleging that he sexually assaulted her at a West Vancouver hotel in September 2017. Virtanen filed a response in court denying the allegations, claiming that their relationship was consensual. He requested that the claim be dismissed and sought special costs against the claimant because of the nature of the allegations.

None of the allegations against Virtanen have been proven in court.

Virtanen was bought by the Canucks this summer and then signed with a team in Russia for the 2021-22 season.



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