Jaguars’ Logan Cooke wins All-Pro votes for 2021 performance

In a cloud of uncertainty, there is one truth lurking before the Jaguars this offseason; Logan Cooke, who received three All-Pro Ratings this past season.

Cooke is the only Jaguars player to earn All-Pro votes in 2021. After a 3-14 season, there were definitely more negatives than positives and major changes are needed to steer this team in the right direction. direction while the reconstruction is in progress. Carry on. But Cooke was one of those rare bright spots, finishing fourth in the league in All-Pro votes to the punter despite the Jaguars’ lack of team success.

Cooke has had an exceptional season. His 44.3 net average was second in the league among bettors, behind Bryan Anger of the Dallas Cowboys. He was also tied for fourth in the league with 28 punts inside the 20-yard line, consistently giving his opponents a tough position on the field.

If those stats aren’t indicative of his status as one of the best bettors of the 2021 season, he was tied for the league lead with just one touchdown and second behind Thomas Morestead with 26 fair catches. Cooke’s increased comfort level this season is a big reason for his continued success.

“I think the most important thing, as you said, is that after the fourth season you feel really comfortable,” Cooke told Jaguar Report in December. “I went into my senior year of college and kind of felt like I understood punting now. Even once I got into the league, you learn more and more every year. My rookie year, I was just trying to stay alive and you know how to hit a good ball. I was so worried about this. Now, it’s like I see the punt a bit like playing keepout with a guy.

Cooke is currently under contract for three more seasons after signing a four-year, $12 million extension before the start of last season. As the Jaguars seek to improve their squad through free agency and the draft, finding more impact playmakers is paramount to establishing a winning culture.

Cooke has proven to be an asset to the Jaguars. While the punter isn’t often in the spotlight, it’s a position that’s key to establishing a strong special teams unit and helps bail out the offense when it’s stalled on a drive. Constantly getting the ball deep into the opposition’s territory also creates pressure for the other team to run the length of the pitch to score, which makes the job of defense easier.

The Jaguars got a high-value pick in Cooke in the 2018 draft. Finding more like him is important for the team to speed up its rebuild and get on the right path to building a strong football team.

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