‘IPhone X’ split status bar leak shows animated battery icon and screen recording indicator

Amid iOS 11’s Gold Master leak last night, developers Steve troughton smith and Guilherme Rambo shared some interesting tidbits of how the split status bar works on the “iPhone X” OLED (via 9to5Mac). As per previous rumors, the iPhone X’s status bar will show the time to the left of the “notch” and the cell signal strength, Wi-Fi, and battery will be located to the right.

These iPhone X “ears” will also be animated in several ways – when you plug the device into a power source to charge it, the battery icon enlarges slightly (bottom right image) to indicate a successful connection, and then minimize revert to its original size. Rambo shared a video of this animated icon in action on his Twitter account.

There is also a new method to indicate when screen recording is on or when you take a phone call. On iPhone X, the time on the left side of the notch will be highlighted in red when screen recording is enabled, or in green to indicate that you are on a call but outside of the Phone app. This will replace the current “double height” indicator bar on iOS 10 which lowers the status bar and displays messages to remind you of apps running in the background.

IPhone X Status Bar

The breadcrumb icon will also remain on the iPhone X, but now it will reside just below the time, returning you to the most recently used app with just one click.

status bar iphone x 3
Troughton-Smith speculated that the little dot on the right side of the status bar might indicate “pages” for the right ear which you can browse by tapping on that area of ​​the iPhone X. Research Further pushes have led the developer to modify his theory to describe the point as a kind of “indicator of network activity” because it flashes every now and then and disappears in Airplane mode.

This theory was further corroborated in a separate video shared by Guilherme Rambo, where the dot in this area of ​​the status bar moved back and forth whenever media started to load on the smartphone. It should also be noted that the arrow on the Location Services indicator is now to the right of the time.

The iOS 11 GM was leaked just three days before Apple’s media event on September 12, where the company will officially announce what is now expected to be called iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, third-generation Apple Watch. , and more.

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