iPhone 8 concept explores how iOS 11 could reinvent the status bar and navigation

Thanks to the HomePod software leak last week, we now expect the rumored iPhone 8 design with top-notch speaker and sensors to be what Apple ships later this year. If the nearly bezel-less design is accurate, there are several iOS design possibilities. Creator Max Rudberg actions three possible scenarios for the iPhone 8 and iOS 11…

Rudberg expects Apple to visually adopt the best or attempt to mix it with an on-screen status bar that has proven to be the most popular option with 9to5Mac readers. If Apple is trying to mix up the top end, Rudberg envisions that Apple could also create a dynamic software bezel along the bottom to create a uniform look.

Each concept removes the current time from the status bar while moving the navigation controls from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. If Apple chose either of these options, one-handed navigation would become easier with the larger 5.8-inch screen.

Personally, I like the idea of ​​Apple blending the status bar with the top like many of our readers do, but I’m not sure creating a fake bezel at the bottom is visually ideal. It looks a lot like current iPhones at a glance.

I am also very curious how Apple will handle landscape orientation with the best. Perhaps the status bar icons could rotate in place, just like the app icons on the Plus model’s iPhone dock.

Check Rudberg’s concept below and let us know which one you prefer:

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