iPhone 8 can invert status bar, use lock button as camera shutter

The HomePod firmware revealed some very big reveals about this year’s upcoming iPhone 8 flagship. And the developers are always find interesting discoveries in the code.

Site in Portuguese based in Brazil iHelpBR at earthen some additional information that seems to point to previously unknown features or changes for this year’s flagship high-end iPhone. Here are some of the most interesting or unusual finds.

Inverted status bar

In a line of code apparently related to the camera’s capture capabilities, there’s a reference to the top bar of the device being “reversed” on the modern iPhone – modern being how Apple refers to new devices in its coding. The reversed word is, of course, a bit vague, and there are several ways to interpret exactly what it means.

For a, iHelpBR theorizes that the upward-facing status bar may be reversed with respect to its positioning. Basically, in some apps like Camera, it will appear at the bottom of the screen rather than the top. Of course, the inverse can refer to the color of the status bar or its icons and text – appearing as the opposite hue depending on the background.

This East It’s worth mentioning that in iOS 10 and current iOS 11 betas, there is no status bar in the Camera app. Also, the line of code doesn’t actually refer to the top bar as “status bar”, so it could be something else entirely. With these things in mind, it’s unclear what the line of code actually refers to.

Lock button as shutter

Another piece of code related to the camera capture seems to indicate that the lock button on the iPhone is being used as a shutter. On current iPhone models, the analog volume switches double as shutter buttons. Using the lock button instead of them may make more sense when we consider a few things.

For one, the iPhone 8 is expected to largely have a vertically oriented camera module. When shooting in landscape with a vertically oriented camera, the lock button – normally on the right side of the phone – would be “on top”, while the volume switches would be on the bottom. As with most cameras, an upward-facing shutter seems like a more natural fit.

Other discoveries

Besides, iHelpBR found several more explicit references to inductive load capabilities – a feature that is more confirmed fact than rumor at this point. There’s even a new unused sound that could go with the new charging feature. There are also lines of code that refer to a “modern” status bar and lock screen, suggesting that the iPhone 8, in particular, could use redesigned UI elements optimized for its large bezel-less screen. A refreshed and redesigned status bar could also play into the “inverted top bar” result.

Of course, there is no guarantee that these features or changes will actually appear in Apple devices at launch – they could be removed. As for what’s to come, we’ll have to wait for Apple’s fall event next month.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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