IPhone 12 will show 5G in your status bar even if you are not on 5G

The status bar on your smartphone is useful for seeing which network you are connected to and how strong the network is. For example, you could be in an area with poor coverage and instead of getting LTE you are getting 3G. These are useful things to know, but with the iPhone 12 it might be more difficult to determine.

It seems that with the iPhone 12, Apple is tweaking the behavior of the status bar. In a review of the iPhone 12 by The Verge, Dieter Bohn notes that Apple is introducing a new feature called Smart Data Mode. What this does is that in an effort to help preserve battery life, especially as 5G can drain the battery, Apple will ditch the handset’s connectivity to LTE until ‘iOS decides 5G connectivity is needed.

While we may appreciate the functionality, the problem is that even if you are not on 5G, the status bar will continue to show 5G even if you are connected to LTE. This means that instead of your status bar telling you which connection you are on, it will just show you the best possible connection that you could, in theory, get, as opposed to what you actually get.

It’s unclear why Apple changed the status bar in this way, but it appears to only affect Apple’s 5G-capable iPhones, so everyone without an iPhone 5G shouldn’t be affected by these changes.

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