How to view your current network speed in Android status bar without root

Keeping your upload and download speeds visible at all times in the status bar can be a dream come true for many Android phone users. Some manufacturer interface overlays already have such a feature built in, but many don’t, and you have to go in and out of apps to gauge the speed of your current cellular data connection.

True, you can install an Xposed module to keep network speeds visible in the notification bar, but you will have to root your handset for that, and most people don’t want to bother or are tired of losing their phones. guarantees. if they do. If you don’t want to learn the ropes of rooting and installing custom ROMs or if the Xposed framework seems too foreign to you, there is a way to show your current network speed in the status bar without all that extra effort.
1. Download the Internet Speed ​​Meter Pro app from the Play Store and install it on your Android phone or tablet;

2. Access the application settings and check the desired update interval and unit of measurement;

3. Again from the settings, you can set a widget to appear in the notification bar itself when pulled down, adjust the position of the floating widget in the status bar, font size or whether to show / hide it when your phone is idle, or there is no internet traffic going.

That’s it, folks, now you have a handy little notification for your upload and download speeds in the status bar at any time, which you can customize as well.


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