How to Show Internet Speed ​​on Status Bar on Android – Phandroid

Internet speed checker apps and web tools are commonly used to check internet speed on Android devices. They work pretty well, except you have to visit them every time you want to check. If you want to check real-time internet speed, you can choose to show internet speed in status bar on Android. It’s a quick way to check if your internet is fast enough, especially when you’re watching a video and it starts buffering or goes to a low resolution.

Some Android skins like Xiaomi’s MIUI natively offer this feature. It can be enabled by visiting the phone’s status bar settings, but if your phone doesn’t have it, you can always opt for third-party solutions. One of these apps is Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite which we will be using for this tutorial. It is a free downloadable application and can be used easily.

Show internet speed on status bar on Android:

  1. Find Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite app on play store and install it.
  2. Launch the app and you will instantly start seeing the real-time download speed on the status bar (next to the clock).
  3. You can swipe down the notification panel to check the signal strength and total data consumed.
  4. If you want to see both upload and download speeds in the notification panel, visit Preferences and activate the Show ascent/descent speed option.

Another advantage of the Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite application is that it displays the mobile, Wi-Fi and total data consumptions for each day and for the whole month. This is advantageous if you have a limited data plan.

The app has a Pro version which offers additional features for around a dollar. One of the features is to show the notification only when you are connected to the internet. Many customization options are also available.

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