How to see network activity in Android 2022 status bar

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Check how to see network activity in Android status bar

Android is a very versatile smartphone operating system that lets you do almost anything on your Android smartphone. Some Android features are so weird that you can’t even find a replacement for that feature in another smartphone operating system. Here we report one of the features you have heard of but never used on your Android smartphone. Displaying the network speed on your smartphone’s status bar is a nice feature that also gives you some control. Displays the current network speed in your smartphone’s status bar, so you know when your phone is idle and when it’s using data. This functionality is integrated directly into the custom interface of some smartphone manufacturers.

The Play Store offers a plethora of apps to help us manage our daily routines. In today’s highly connected world, users may need to see real-time internet speeds in the status bar. Therefore, we have compiled a few apps that can help you see your internet usage in the status bar. However, if your phone is running on the default Android operating system, you will need a free app to do this on your smartphone. This is how you can see the network speed on your smartphone, whether you have a standard Android smartphone or a custom UI.

How to See Network Activity in Status Bar on Android

  • You can use the Internet Speed ​​Meter app from the Play Store to view network activity in the status bar. It is available for free on the Play Store.
  • Once the app is installed, open it and you will see a normal screen showing your data usage. Note that you will already get an upload/download indicator in the center of your status bar. You can customize it further by tapping the Settings icon.
  • On the Settings page, you can customize various aspects of this counter, such as whether to use bits or bytes as the unit, whether the counter displays on the lock screen, and various other settings.
  • You can also touch the Widget Position option to change the position of the internet speedometer

Although there are other apps on the play store that claim to offer the same functionality, I found Internet Speed ​​Meter to be the best of the bunch, with the simplest interface and great features. Still, if you want to check out some alternatives, you should check out Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite which is also available for free on the Play Store. Although you cannot change the position of the meter in the status bar and it only displays your download speed, it is still one of the most accurate internet meters on the market.

Final Words: How to See Network Activity in Android’s Status Bar

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