How to Play Like a MultiVersus Pro

Now that the dust has settled somewhat after the initial release, players get good at MultiVersus. Tournaments are held all over the world and the competition at the top of the leaderboards has never been tougher. We’ve already taught you how to go from scrubbing to scrapping, now it’s time to take the next step. It’s not just about how to improve MultiVersusit’s about how to get downright scary. Here’s how to play as one MultiVersus pro.

Cancellation of actions

MultiVersus is quick. Like, really fast. One reason for this is that few of your actions are commitments. In most fighting games there’s a set amount of “endlag” or “recovery frames” or whatever term you want for “the amount of time you can’t do another action after having has a” attached to most things you do. In MultiVersus, this only applies to movements – and not even all of them. Almost all of your actions; your jumps, your dodges, some of your attacks and even mocks after a certain point, they can be canceled into each other by simply entering this action.

We covered how almost every character’s side ground attack is a multi-hit move that can be canceled into something else in the guide linked above, but you can also do the same with dashes and jumps. To really feel it, try it with Superman, who has an incredibly long dodge. Use his dodge, then mass jump or attack and notice how it cuts the dodge short. This is exactly what we are talking about. Take a game like Smash Bros. for example. When you’re rolling, it’s an engagement, and when you land a multi-hit attack, you can rarely follow the first hit of that attack until you want – you’re stuck in the original move. This freedom is a privilege granted to you in this game, and which you should take advantage of if you want to play as a MultiVersus pro.

Have you fought someone who just feels faster than you? Who feels impossible to hit even if it’s a bigger or slower character and every time he hits you – they expose you to massive damage? This is because they cancel their actions into each other and move as fast as the game engine allows.

Attack Cancellation and Combos as One MultiVersus pro

There is no simple rule that will make requests to undo your actions immediately obvious. It’s something you’ll have to practice and learn to use by feel, but understand that to play this game optimally, you need to use this cancel mechanic – to cancel your dodge into an attack as an offensive move option , to cancel an attack into a jump to make a previously impossible combo work.

Typically across the cast, almost every character’s side ground attack is a multi-hit move that can be canceled into something else along the way for a better combo. Taz is a great way to practice this. His lateral attack on the ground (well seasoned) it’s rather good !

But instead of completing the move as a 2-hit combo, try grabbing a ground attack (Slam-wich) after the first hit. Boom! This is a brand new combined route. Full attack is good for sending opponents to the side, but if you want more damage setting up a combo here instead is the MultiVersus professional move.multiverse attack cancel proAlmost all combos of MultiVersus start like this. Aerials are rarely what start a combo, and if they are, they often combine once or twice (with the exception of most Down Airs). In a very general sense, MultiVersus’ antennas are for neutral and edge protection, and your ground attacks are for starting combos. If you check out an advanced combo guide for your character (and you should!), you’ll find that a plot of them for almost all characters, start with a ground side attack.

Use perks like a MultiVersus Pro

Simply put, some perks are better than others, and if you really want high-level success, you’ll want to start learning about them and using them to their fullest potential. For example, did you use School me once thwart the annoying projectiles of Tom & Jerry’s? Did you use the same 3 perks all the time, even though they don’t really help your character? Leaving Triple jump as an iron giant, perhaps?

School Me Once increases your resistance to projectiles when hit repeatedly.

Typically, you want to stack advantages with your teammates to maximize their effectiveness, but you also need to be prepared to compromise. If you’re playing Shaggy but team up with a Reindog that comes with projectile perks like Beaten down and Make it rain, dog, completely copying their perk loadout isn’t going to help both team members proportionally. Both of you should be looking to use perks that help both team members!

Check out our benefits guide to learn more about specific benefits. In short, the triple jump and the snowball effect are really good! There are also tons of other good ones, but they are more character specific. Be versatile and ready to change your loadout depending on the match! And test the effects of these benefits in the lab.

Understanding Status

MultiVersus, unlike most other platform fighters, has a variety of items and status conditions. Of Weaken at Slow at Fire and IceTaz even has his own Delicious debuff! Most of them are pretty self-explanatory. Fire inflicts tick damage over time, Weaken means you will take more damage and knockback, and so on.

These are all represented by equally self-explanatory icons that you will want to know. A turtle icon means your opponent has been slowed down, a broken bone represents a weakened character, etc.

The one you really want to watch is Ice. Thanks to Ice to fight you! perk, Ice was previously a staple perk for many teams and even after being nerfed, remains a pretty daunting prospect. If enough stacks of ice are accumulated on you, you’ll be frozen in a block of ice and have to smash buttons to pop, and the smash alone can be enough to put you in a precarious position!Some moves, like Superman’s Ice Breath and Iron Giant’s Blast Radius have elemental properties with no benefits. Some elements even interact with each other, like how Superman’s Ice Breath can disable Reindog’s firewalls. This will be taught to you in one of the game’s advanced tutorials, which you should definitely check out if you want to play like a MultiVersus pro.

Elements and statuses are important! And more important than you think. Keep this in mind when creating your perk loadout and try to find out which icons represent them in your actual matches.

Find a static teammate

Finally, here’s a tip that may be a little less practical for some, but is no less important. Try to find a static teammate! It’s not possible for everyone, but sometimes online chances just aren’t enough. Being able to actively communicate with your partner is huge, as is refinement and building a balanced team composition. Many of the best players in the world have a static teammate, or at least a few top players they can partner with at any time for certain online games. And if you’re serious about high-level play, you should be looking for the same.

2v2 multiverse pro

And hey! If you get good enough and follow our advice enough and if you make a habit of watching the best players in the world in high-level competitions and tournaments, networking should take care of itself! Ranking is a built-in measuring stick for improvement. Let this be proof of your progress. Practice, stay patient, stay enthusiastic and you’ll see those beautiful numbers dropping in no time. Good luck and don’t forget us when you drown in your $100,000 EVO winnings!

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