How to move the status bar clock to the right on Samsung devices running One UI

Samsung’s One UI update was one of the best updates to Samsung’s own UX skin. What started as TouchWiz on Android 2.1 Eclair has now resulted in a unique user interface based on Android 9 Pie, bringing improvements and features that have been adopted and preferred by users over the years. Samsung’s UX is not the same lagfest as before; and while it still doesn’t compare to the original Android experience, the average user will have no problem adopting Samsung’s One UI on Samsung’s new flagships without any difficulty.

However, no software is completely perfect. For reasons that are not fully understood, Samsung’s One UI has moved the clock from the status bar to the top left corner of the device. This change may have been made keeping in mind the presence of the camera cutout on the Samsung Galaxy S10, but the change affects all One UI devices, even if they don’t have a cutout. of the camera on the upper right edge of the camera.

If you are looking to restore the status bar clock to its original position in the top right corner of the device, you can use the SystemUI Tuner app from the XDA recognized developer to do so.

Follow the steps mentioned below on your Samsung device running One UI:

  1. Download and install SystemUI Tuner from the Google Play Store. Sign up for the beta and update it once you’ve signed up
  2. Follow the instructions written in the app to grant it multiple permissions through ADB. We have instructions on how to configure and use ADB here.
  3. Open the application and enter the “TouchWiz” submenu.
  4. Go to the “Miscellaneous” drop-down menu and set “Clock position” to “Right”

And that’s all! The method is very simple and does not require any complicated settings. In the screenshots you can also see that the status bar clock changed position as soon as the setting was changed.

You can read more about the open source SystemUI Tuner application in its discussion thread.

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