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As an Android user, there aren’t many elements of my friend’s iPhone that I find myself jealous of, because whatever it can do on iOS, I can surely find a way to do it on Android… often better.

That being said, I have to admit that one feature I love is the minimalist style and layout of iOS8the status bar. With the time centered and the Wi-Fi icon and signal bars aligned to the left, the iOS status bar looks better organized with less clutter, which is exactly what I want.

As mentioned, you can (almost) always find a way to do everything iOS can do on Android, so today I’m going to show you how to make your Android status bar look like an iPhone. .

Prepare your device

Make sure your Android device is both rooted and run the Xposed framework. Let me also point out that this process will unfortunately be not runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Fuck, I know.

Step 1: Install iOS 8 Killer

Download and install iOS 8 killer from the developer Ahmed Aljazwi. This application is not on the Google Play Store, so before installing it, make sure you have Unknown sources enabled in your settings, if it is not already enabled.

Once you have successfully installed the application, make sure to properly activate the module via Xposed Installer.

Step 2: Apply iOS 8 layout

Enter iOS 8 Killer settings to adjust your status bar layout. Along with changing the alignment of some icons, the app can also change your battery icon and give you the option of using a custom carrier label, but that only works well if your carrier doesn’t stick with it. not automatically one (thanks for nothing AT&T) .

Step 3: center the clock

This process wouldn’t be complete without centering the clock like iOS 8 did. Although we may have to wait for an iOS 8 Killer update to include this feature, you can still achieve this easily using XBlast Tools.

Just launch Xblast Tools and go to Status Bar -> Clock Settings -> Central Clock. After a quick reboot, your status bar will look a lot like an iPhone.

(1) Status bar on iOS 8. (2) Android status bar with iOS 8 Killer.

It might not be an exact match, but it sure is a close match. The developer is working on updates, so you should definitely check his son to follow the development.

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