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In older versions of Android, you could flood your status bar with a wall of notification icons. But starting with Android 9, Google went where you can only see four icons by default, and that was mostly done to accommodate phones with notches. But Google’s only notch phone is the Pixel 3 XL, so what if you literally have another Pixel?

Google’s own Pixel 4 is actually the perfect candidate for allowing more icons in the status bar, as it was one of the few Android phones of 2019 without a display cutout. This turned the tide, but allowed Google to use a real face unlock system for Android. Anyway, if you want to increase the number of notification icons beyond the default limit on your Pixel phone, check out the guide below.


Step 1: Download the Magisk module

Before you can extend your notification icon limit, you need to download the Magisk addon from famous developer XDA Tulsadiver. Using the power of Magisk, it will allow you to go from the four default notification icons to seven as the new limit.

Since the add-on is not available in the official Magisk repository, click on one of the links above and save the file to the “Download” folder on your phone. If you are using the compress feature on your Pixel phone, you can download the “Stock Active Edge Sense” version. If you are not using the compress feature then you will want to download the “Stock” version.

Step 2: install the Magisk module

You will now have to manually install the add-on as you had to download it from a third-party source rather than the official Magisk repository. Open the Magisk Manager app on the main screen, tap the menu icon on the left, navigate to the “Modules” section, then tap the plus sign button at the bottom.

From there, locate the add-on that you downloaded in the previous step (remember that it should be in your “Download” folder), then tap the file once to start the installation process. . Once done, press “Reboot” to activate the module. After coming back from the reboot, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Test your new notification icon limit

Now you can have a little fun here by giving yourself as many notification icons as possible. Listen to music in the background, receive emails, receive messages and do whatever you can to receive lots of notifications. If you don’t feel like doing it now, make a habit of not clearing your notifications for a while. Either way, you should have up to seven icons at most now. Enjoy!

(1) Notice the dot icon on the right? This means that there are more notifications to see but they are not displayed. (2) When the module is installed, you can theoretically have a maximum limit of seven icons now. Notice how the notification point is now gone and the limit has increased from four.

Final remark

Since this add-on works without a system through Magisk, it’s pretty straightforward to remove if you want to revert to the behavior of the stock notifications icon. Open the Magisk Manager app on the main screen, tap the left menu, then tap “Modules.” Locate the “Tulsadiver Miscellaneous Mods” module in the list, then tap the trash can icon. Once you restart your device, it will be deleted from your system.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Stephen Perkins / Gadget Hacks

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