How to display the network speed in the status bar [Realme X Guide]

OPPO has released the latest version of its Android based ColorOS i.e. ColorOS 6.0 and the recently launched Realme X offers it. The Realme X is Realme’s latest mid-range smartphone that features a pop-up selfie camera, built-in fingerprint scanner, and runs on ColorOS 6.0.

The ColorOS has some cool additions to Realme X that you can use. One handy feature that can help you with internet speeds is viewing it in real time. Yes, you can view the network speed in the real-time status bar on your Realme X. Read on to find out more.

Whether it’s a Wi-Fi network or mobile data, the Network Speedometer will show you real-time speeds in the status bar in KB / s whenever you download or stream anything. thing on the phone. If you’re downloading something and think it’s slower than usual, check the internet speed in the status bar.

This guide will walk you through the process of enabling Network Speedometer on Realme X.

Show network speed in status bar [Realme X]

To activate the network speedometer, go to the Settings and enter it Notification and status bar. Below, find the View network speed in real time option and activate it.

  • Enter Settings -> Notification and status bar and activate the slider ‘View network speed in real time

Now check the status bar to see the real-time network speeds on your Realme X.


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