How to display internet speed on the status bar of Samsung phones

The Internet is such a part of our daily life that we often feel restless if it stops working for a minute. That’s why I like to track the stability of my connections by showing the internet speed in my phone’s status bar. If you also want to view internet speed on your Samsung phone then you have come to the right place.

Internet speed in the Samsung Fi status bar

If you’ve recently switched to a Samsung phone, you must be feeling lost. Even if it works on Android like the majority of smartphones, it offers a personalized skin in addition to the original Android. And as a result, a new user often feels overwhelmed. While exploring a new phone is fun, it’s just as important to check the data connectivity status of the phone.

So, how to show network speed in status bar and notification panel of Samsung phones? Let’s find out the answer.

Show internet speed without app in Samsung

Unfortunately, Samsung has failed to implement the speedometer feature on their phones. This means that there is no native feature in Samsung phones to display network speed as it is present in Mi and OnePlus handsets. But do not worry. You don’t need to root your device or do anything strange to get internet speed. You only need the help of third-party applications.

Internet speed in the Samsung status bar 16

Here we have handpicked 4 internet speed monitoring apps that work on Samsung phones without any issues. All are free. You just need to install them and forget about it. If that makes you feel better, these apps offer some extra functionality over native functionality. You can customize the unit of speed, ascent and descent speed, and the type of data to display.

Let’s check the network speed monitoring apps for Samsung phones.

1. Internet Speedometer Lite

I have been using this app for almost two years now on my Google Pixel 2 XL. I like the app for two reasons: it shows a 30-day history of total data consumed per day, and it supports both Wi-Fi and mobile data.

When you install the app, you will immediately notice the speedometer in the status bar. Open any app such as YouTube and play the video. The meter will display the download speed.

Internet speed in Samsung status bar 1

Internet speed in the status bar Samsung 5

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As a bonus, the app allows you to view various information related to your phone, such as network details, device information (processor, screen, keypad type), etc.

Internet speed in the status bar Samsung 10

To activate the speedometer in the notification panel, go to the app settings by tapping the settings icon and then go to the Notification tab. Turn on the toggle for Enable notification. All features are packed in the 2MB app only.

Internet speed in the status bar Samsung 11

4. Data monitor: Simple Net-Meter

When it comes to speed monitoring, the app only shows the download speed in the status bar. But if you look at the notification panel, you get a lot of information including current internet speed and total data usage.

Internet speed in the Samsung status bar 12

Internet speed in the Samsung status bar 13

Besides having the ability to display internet speed in status bar, this app also tracks all network connections established on your phone in real time. You can view the ping and traceroute graph. In addition, the app presents real-time graph and data usage graph. It also displays the 30-day data usage history. The app weighs around 5MB.

Internet speed in the Samsung status bar 14

Internet speed in the Samsung status bar 15

I wish things were different

Whatever the situation, third-party apps always come to the rescue. Although they work perfectly well, we prefer to have a built-in functionality instead of downloading apps. All Samsung fans would prefer to have a native option to show internet speed in the status bar. We hope Samsung will add this feature soon.

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Last updated on October 24, 2019

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