How do you check the status of your loan

Have you ever applied for a loan but aren’t certain of your status? Nearly all bank and financial institution permit you to keep track of the status of your loan. You can utilize this tool to know where your application is and when funds will be made available. This makes the whole process of loan application and disbursement more clear.

It is also possible to make use of this tool to determine whether the lender has declined your request. It is possible to look into alternatives and make an application for an alternative loan once you are aware of the status.

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What do you need to know about the status of your loan application

You can track what is happening with you personal loan application either online or in person.

In any case you are able to verify the status of your application with just a couple of steps.

You can go to the website of the bank or financial institution to inquire about the application or to contact your bank direct.

To verify the status on your request, you’ll be required to provide some details regarding the application.

The first thing to remember is in the process of evaluating the status of your application, make your reference number for your application readily available. If you’d like to know the status of your loan application you’ll also have to supply your contact details and your date of birth.

How to Check the Status of a Personal Loan Online

It’s easy to track the status in your loan request via the web. It’s just a few simple steps. It starts by visiting the official website of the bank. Find the option to view your the status of your loan on the site. Complete the details that you have provided on the loan application form, including your contact details and birth date.

The bank will inform you about the current state of the loan application following you have asked. You can also verify how your loans by using other online options like mobile banking. The process is similar for both scenarios.

Net Banking can be used to monitor the loan application.

By using the bank’s Netbanking service, you can monitor loans on the internet.

Customers who are already customers gain greatly from this method. It is possible to access the bank’s Netbbanking service and then navigate to the loan section of the site. You can verify the status of your loan application with your contact details or the reference number of your application.

Utilizing a mobile number to monitor a loan application

All lenders and banks will require your phone number when you request an loan. It is the number that the bank can communicate with you. Therefore, monitoring your loan application with your contact information, which is the verification number from the bank that is sent to your mobile phone is much simpler. You’ll be taken to the tracker page for your loan after you enter the verification code that I’ll give you with.

Offline Personal Loan Status Checking

Do not fret if you’re not very tech-savvy. You can be able to monitor the condition on the status of your personal loan offline. You can visit the branch in which you made your loan application. You can meet with the relationship manager and ask for assistance on the loan application. You should provide them using the reference code given to you when you submitted the loan application.

Relationship managers check the loan’s status using the reference number that is on the system of the bank.

Customer service tracking for the loan application

Customers can also call customer service numbers to inquire the progress of their loans with certain banks. It is possible to call this number for free and provide the customer service representative your mobile number registered with the bank and reference number. The representative will verify the status of your application on the bank’s system and then notify you. The customer care number of each bank is unique and can be located on the bank’s website.


If my loan is approved, what the next step?

The bank will inform you once your loan is accepted. There are a number of requirements after that, including the payment of the processing fee. The bank will transfer the credit to your account after the required requirements are met. In the event that your bank hasn’t yet contacted you in some time since the approval of your application and you want to know more, contact the bank’s customer service number and ask.

I’ve been a member from the lender for a long time. Do they give me an advantage when I want to apply for an loan?

Yes. Customers who are current customers at banks be able to benefit from an incoming customer. Banks let existing customers discuss the rate of interest in addition to the loan amount when taking out an personal loan. Existing customers could also receive substantial discounts from certain banks.

What is the process for repaying my loan? to repay my loan?

This standing Instruction method, where you pay the EMI amount is immediately withdrawn from your current account each month, is the most efficient method to pay back the loan. There is no need to worry about the missed EMI deadlines as it is automatically triggered at a specific time. If you don’t have a bank account with the same bank you can make use of an Electronic Clearing Service, which lets the lender bank charge monthly EMIs from a different bank’s account. It is also debited automatically from your account each month. In the end, you won’t have to fret about the deadlines being missed. A different option would be to make check-ins with a postmark to your bank that you loan and the bank will deposit each month.

What is an personal loan prepayment?

Prepayment, as a basic term is any amount you pay toward the loan prior to the expiration date of your loan.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say that you borrowed $100 for a personal loan for five years. Your earnings could increase in three years after the initial loan and you might be required to make a lump-sum payment to pay off the loan. This helps in reducing the loan balance that is still outstanding.

However there are some banks that don’t permit prepayments of your loan. The majority of banks won’t allow you to make the payment in the initial 2 years after the start of your loan. The banks also charge penalties for prepayments. Prepayment penalties are generally calculated as a percentage the balance. Therefore, before you make a decision to the option of prepayment on the loan, consider all the benefits and disadvantages of prepayment.

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