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Kanpur: Homeowners in the city can file their relocation applications offline if they are having trouble filing them online.
In a review meeting held here on Tuesday, Mayor Pramila Pandey and City Commissioner Shivasharanappa GN discussed transfer cases and then asked the Head of Tax Assessment to prepare a draft to facilitate the processing of transfers and to present it in front of them as some home owners have found issues. by submitting transfer requests online.
Previously, transfer requests were filed online.
All area agents and tax inspectors have been asked to file transfer fees offline. They were instructed to inspect their office once a week and check each clerk’s office to review the status of pending transfer cases.
Typically, transfer proceedings are completed within 45 days, but upon review several cases were found to be long pending.
Area officers and tax inspectors were also instructed to send a list of transfer postings to the public relations office every Friday so that the public relations officer could secure all postings together so that posting requests can be processed in time. The Area 5 Officer has been instructed to review all documents relating to the Saraymeeta land of the Municipal Corporation. The mayor will inspect the site on February 25.

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