High Court order of non-compliance, Collector Land Acquisition to appear in person

Jammu, December 02: in CPSW n ° 192/2009 CM n ° 7724/2021, 3562/2019, IA n ° 1/2018, 2/2018, 3/2018 and CM n ° 4109/2019 titled Mohd. Khaleel V / s Ajay Khajuria, DC Udhampur and another after hearing HON’BLE MR. JUDGE TASHI RABSTAN, ORDERS BY THE JUDGE: –

According to the statement of the applicant’s lawyer, the amount of compensation was deposited with the Collector Land Acquisition (ACR) Udhampur, however, the amount so deposited was withdrawn under the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner of Udhampur.

In terms of an order dated 20.10.2021 adopted by this Court, Mr. SS Nanda learned that Sr. AAG had been ordered to disclose to whom the amount so deposited had been released.

Today, neither any officer / civil servant has appeared to assist the court nor Mr. Nanda, learned Sr. AAG did not file any statute in terms of ordinance dated 20.10.2021.

Therefore, this Court had no choice but to order the Collector Land Acquisition (ACR) of Udhampur to appear in person before the Court with a record on the next hearing date to disclose that the amount so filed by the Forestry Department before the Collector is released in favor of whom.

At this point, Mr. SS Nanda, learned that Sr. AAG is appearing and asking for a brief adjournment allowing him to file an affidavit disclosing the above fact.

He is authorized to do so before or at the latest on the next hearing date, failing which the Collector Land Acquisition (Assistant Commissioner Revenue), Udhampur to appear in person with a case file at the next hearing date to explain his position.

Announcement on 20.12.2021.

The Registry must provide a copy of this order to Mr. SS Nanda, Sr. AAG as well as to the Collector Land Acquisition (Assistant Commissioner Revenue), Udhampur to comply with it.

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