Here’s what that 5G UC icon in your phone’s status bar means

Operators have a long history of customizing the network connection icon on devices, ranging from AT & T’s “5Ge”, which is actually not 5G at all, to Verizon’s “5G UW” for their network. ultra wideband. T-Mobile has announced that it is now joining its own 5G UC icon for its Ultra Capacity 5G network.

Starting with the iPhone 12 series and the new iPhone 13 series, when a customer is connected to T-Mobile’s 5G medium band or millimeter wave, their devices will display a new 5G UC icon. T-Mobile says this will let customers know when they’re getting “as fast as Wi-Fi” speeds, averaging over 200 Mbps. The icon will arrive on the iPhone 12 series via the iOS 15 update on September 20.

The icon shown below is reminiscent of the Verizon “5G UW” icon. It just adds “UC” along the right edge of the 5G mark.


T-Mobile built its Ultra Capacity 5G network very quickly, with around 165 million people already covered in the United States. They estimate that 200 million people will be covered by the end of this year and over 250 million people by the end of 2022. Their claims about fast Wi-Fi speeds are supported by recent third-party research from Ookla and Umlaut, who name T-Mobile as having the fastest 5G of all carriers.

The new 5G UC icon is expected to arrive on other 5G devices soon via software updates.

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