GTMaritime launches new version of ship-to-shore file sharing tool – Digital Ship

GTMaritime has launched a new version of GTReplicate. The solution replicates data between ship and shore, reducing administration time and costs for IT departments.

GTReplicate is based on the capabilities built into GTMaritime’s FastNet data transfer platform. The company recently added the SharePoint Cloud Bridge integration feature, so GTReplicate users can also access cloud-based storage facilities.

Additional product features available from GTReplicate V2 include:

  • Email Integration: Customers can now define replication jobs that send or receive data from email sources
  • Commands before/after job – define commands to run before and after data replication to control other applications
  • Post job copy – the ability to move data to another location or archive after replication
  • Variables – set variables against ships that can be integrated into task definitions for easier configuration
  • Data transfer monitoring – monitor the status of data transfers from the GTReplicate dashboard
  • Email notifications – customers can now enable email notifications to receive updates on work events such as transfers or errors
  • Smart data synchronization – when replacing other solutions, GTReplicate can commit existing data to the target location and will only transfer data that has not yet been replicated.
  • GTRAFT migration – now able to replace all functions of our old product, GTRAFT, and much more.

GTMaritime’s Global Commercial Director, Mike McNally, said: “At GTMaritime, we always put the needs of our customers first and are continually developing and improving our solutions to meet customer and industry needs as they evolve.

“GTReplicate V2 is an intelligent solution that enables IT managers to configure, monitor and run concurrent file transfer solutions; its powerful scheduler allows you to perform the necessary tasks without human intervention. As part of our continuous product improvement process, we’ve added a host of new features to the GTReplicate product roadmap to better support our customers’ operations and provide greater control, security, and flexibility.

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